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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1901-1925

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Episode 1901
Network Ten: 26/04/1993
BBC: 25/02/1994
UK Gold: 14/02/2000

Written by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Michael Sergi
Cast List

Gaby clashes with her mother over Wayne when Pam tells her that her reputation is at stake. Julie and Philip are distraught when they discover Debbie has gone missing, and Lou finds a potential new business partner.

Episode 1902
Network Ten: 27/04/1993
BBC: 28/02/1994
UK Gold: 15/02/2000

Written by Barbara Angell
Directed by Michael Sergi
Cast List

Debbie is stalked by a thug while visiting a Sydney amusement arcade alone, and Lou receives disturbing news about his business partner's character.

Episode 1903
Network Ten: 28/04/1993
BBC: 01/03/1994
UK Gold: 16/02/2000

Written by Michael O'Rourke
Directed by Michael Sergi
Cast List

Jim goes into business with Lou but disaster strikes when Jim suffers a massive heart attack. Philip tracks down his son, and Pam goes on the offensive in her feud with Wayne.
Scene from episode 1903

Episode 1904
Network Ten: 29/04/1993
BBC: 02/03/1994
UK Gold: 17/02/2000

Written by Lois Booton
Directed by Michael Sergi
Cast List
Guest stars
Fiona Hartman: Suzanne Dudley
Russell Butler: Stephen Whittaker
Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Jeffrey Hockney: Jeff Keogh
Bank Teller: Rene Zandveld
Saleswoman: Josephine Eberhard

Lou worries about his future. The residents of Ramsay Street are devastated by tragedy, while Annalise plans to enlighten Beth on a few facts of life. Russell pretends to be Phoebe's husband in a dubious scheme.

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Scene from episode 1904

Episode 1905
Network Ten: 30/04/1993
BBC: 03/03/1994
UK Gold: 18/02/2000

Written by Ray Kolle
Directed by Michael Sergi
Cast List

Annalise's irresponsible gossip threatens to drive a wedge between Brad and Beth. Phoebe reacts angrily when she discovers lodger Russell has been taking great liberties.

Episode 1906
Network Ten: 03/05/1993
BBC: 04/03/1994
UK Gold: 21/02/2000

Jim's will has unexpected repercussions for Fiona. Rick takes his driving test, and Lou grows increasingly disturbed about his own future. Fiona is under suspicion.

Episode 1907
Network Ten: 04/05/1993
BBC: 07/03/1994
UK Gold: 22/02/2000

Beth's visitor causes turmoil for Brad, and Fiona is disgusted when Jim's relatives consider bringing in the police to sort out his affairs. Wayne treats Gaby to a night out.

Episode 1908
Network Ten: 05/05/1993
BBC: 08/03/1994
UK Gold: 23/02/2000

Brad tries in vain to create a good impression but his attempts fall flat resulting in Bunny telling Beth not to marry. Rick and Debbie realise their days together are numbered.

Episode 1909
Network Ten: 06/05/1993
BBC: 09/03/1994
UK Gold: 24/02/2000

Lou decides to update his image. After an argument with Stephen, shady lodger Russell shows his true colours. Brad and Beth's marriage hangs in the balance until Brad decides to fight it out with Bunny.

Episode 1910
Network Ten: 07/05/1993
BBC: 10/03/1994
UK Gold: 25/02/2000

Lou makes a discovery, and Stephen threatens to give Russell his marching orders. Russell tells Annalise that Stephen is having an affair.

Episode 1911
Network Ten: 10/05/1993
BBC: 11/03/1994
UK Gold: 28/02/2000

Brad makes a shocking discovery about Lauren, and Annalise tries to get her hooks into Russell. Philip pleads with Julie to help rid him of his personal trainer Arnie.

Episode 1912
Network Ten: 11/05/1993
BBC: 14/03/1994
UK Gold: 29/02/2000

Helen's attempts to find a new interest are hampered by her family. Brad makes Lauren a tempting offer.

Episode 1913
Network Ten: 12/05/1993
BBC: 15/03/1994
UK Gold: 01/03/2000

Lauren and Brad feel like puppets. Brad crumbles under the strain of keeping up his deception and bursts into tears. Philip feigns an injury to justify ducking out of training. Rick and Debbie's relationship takes a new turn. Pam and Gaby plot to halt the celebrations.

Episode 1914
Network Ten: 13/05/1993
BBC: 16/03/1994
UK Gold: 02/03/2000

Rick and Debbie admit their true feelings for each other. Pam and Gaby find themselves in trouble after trying to protect Brad.

Episode 1915
Network Ten: 14/05/1993
BBC: 17/03/1994
UK Gold: 03/03/2000

Rick defies his parents' wishes and Gaby finally returns home after her ordeal at the Pink Poodle. Julie's old enemy unexpectedly turns to her for help.

Episode 1916
Network Ten: 17/05/1993
BBC: 18/03/1994
UK Gold: 06/03/2000

Philip has a shock when he finds Michael unconscious on his doorstep, while Russell resists Stephen and Phoebe's attempts to evict him. Rick makes fresh efforts to stay in Erinsborough with Debbie - but his mother has other ideas and talks to Debbie.

Episode 1917
Network Ten: 18/05/1993
BBC: 21/03/1994
UK Gold: 07/03/2000

Beth is almost overcome with excitement as her wedding day approaches - but will everything go according to plan?

Episode 1918
Network Ten: 19/05/1993
BBC: 22/03/1994
UK Gold: 08/03/2000

Hannah finds an alarming clue to Helen's behaviour, and a badly shaken Brad arrives late for his wedding to Beth.

Episode 1919
Network Ten: 20/05/1993
BBC: 23/03/1994
UK Gold: 09/03/2000

Gaby agrees to mix business with pleasure. Brad takes his wedding vows - but will Beth? Julie gives Philip an ultimatum when she find he has brought Michael home.

Episode 1920
Network Ten: 21/05/1993
BBC: 24/03/1994
UK Gold: 10/03/2000

Philip locates a home for Michael, and Russell turns nasty when Phoebe makes fresh attempts to oust him. Gaby accompanies Wayne to Sydney to meet his brother. Phoebe finds herself in a difficult situation when she attempts to oust Russell.

Episode 1921
Network Ten: 24/05/1993
BBC: 25/03/1994
UK Gold: 13/03/2000

(?)Philip is shocked after learning who turned Michael over to the police, and Phoebe fears for her baby's safety when Russell files into a rage and scares her. Rick's inheritance begins to burn a hole in his pocket.

Episode 1922
Network Ten: 25/05/1993
BBC: 28/03/1994
UK Gold: 14/03/2000

Pam tries in vain to put an end to the gossip surrounding the wedding which is rife in Ramsay Street, and Stephen has further reason to suspect Russell is up to no good. Michael's fate is left in Julie's hands.

Episode 1923
Network Ten: 26/05/1993
BBC: 29/03/1994
UK Gold: 15/03/2000

(?)Philip is shocked after learning who turned Michael over to the police, and Phoebe fears for her baby's safety when Russell files into a rage and scares her. Rick's inheritance begins to burn a hole in his pocket.

Episode 1924
Network Ten: 27/05/1993
BBC: 30/03/1994
UK Gold: 16/03/2000

Rick hands in his resignation to Harvey - but then tries to get his old job back when he realises the consequences. Brad and Lauren make a momentous decision.

Episode 1925
Network Ten: 28/05/1993
BBC: 31/03/1994
UK Gold: 17/03/2000

Beth returns and offers Brad one more chance to try to save her relationship. Stephen becomes obsessed with Russell's behaviour when he probes into his past.
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