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Neighbours Episode Guide: 2301-2325

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Episode 2301
Network Ten: 16/01/1995
BBC: 08/09/1995
UK Gold: 27/08/2001

Mai blames herself for Lou's stubbornness, but her efforts to explain the situation to Cheryl fall on stony ground. While enrolling at university, an extra-curricular activity unexpectedly attracts Cody, while Brett and Danni make a bizarre bet certain to end in humiliation for the loser.

Episode 2302
Network Ten: 17/01/1995
BBC: 11/09/1995
UK Gold: 28/08/2001

Susan and Annalise audition for royal roles. Hannah grows tired of being pushed around, and plots her revenge on those who have wronged her, but her revenge is far from sweet. Annalise's nose is pushed out of joint at a theatre audition.

Episode 2303
Network Ten: 18/01/1995
BBC: 12/09/1995
UK Gold: 29/08/2001

Hot-headed Hannah battles Billy, and is Mark right in his reaction to Lech and Cody? Helen has a grandmotherly chat with Hannah about her rather wayward behaviour, while Marlene and Mai come up with an unusual idea to reconcile Lou and Cheryl with a battle royale.

Episode 2304
Network Ten: 19/01/1995
BBC: 13/09/1995
UK Gold: 30/08/2001

Danni is on the campaign trail and Cody's on the warpath. Mal resents Sam's relaxed relationships, and Mark's commitment to the priesthood is put to the test as he begins to realise he still has feelings for Annalise. Danni falls under Rupert's influence.

Episode 2305
Network Ten: 20/01/1995
BBC: 14/09/1995
UK Gold: 31/08/2001

Libby lets slip details of Brett's election experiment. Marlene is left red-faced when Sam and Annalise's obvious attraction for each other dissolves into a passionate clinch. Danni and Cody find themselves at each other's throats during the self-defence class.

Episode 2306
Network Ten: 23/01/1995
BBC: 15/09/1995
UK Gold: 03/09/2001

The weather reflects tempers in Ramsay Street - both reach boiling point as Brett faces Stonefish and Cody confronts Rick over his reaction to her new friends. Annalise is boxed in by the Kennedys.

Episode 2307
Network Ten: 24/01/1995
BBC: 18/09/1995
UK Gold: 04/09/2001

Brett's guilt over Stonefish's motorbike accident leads to a change of plan. Cheryl tries to stop Lou crowding Mai, and Marlene thinks she's discovered hidden treasure on her doorstep.

Episode 2308
Network Ten: 25/01/1995
BBC: 19/09/1995
UK Gold: 05/09/2001

The day of the Jog for Justice race arrives, and things become increasingly competitive as Mal lets determination get the better of him and makes it a private grudge match. Danni's contest with Brett leads her into trouble, while Hannah and Billy are unwilling participants.

Episode 2309
Network Ten: 26/01/1995
BBC: 20/09/1995
UK Gold: 06/09/2001

Hannah tires of keeping quiet and speaks her mind, while Mark may be getting too close for Annalise's liking. Dr Kennedy smells a rat when faced with an embarrassed Danni after Brett beats her in the Jog for Justice.

Episode 2310
Network Ten: 27/01/1995
BBC: 21/09/1995
UK Gold: 07/09/2001

Annalise is far from amused to learn about Mark's real intentions toward her, and an announcement by Ling Mai makes Lou realise he doesn't feature in her future. Marlene's loot could bring her as much sadness as joy.

Episode 2311
Network Ten: 30/01/1995
BBC: 22/09/1995
UK Gold: 10/09/2001

Sam and Marlene despair at Bianca's reaction to police pressure, while Cody goes on the warpath over her exclusion from the university cricket trials.

Episode 2312
Network Ten: 31/01/1995
BBC: 25/09/1995
UK Gold: 11/09/2001

Billy reveals Libby's secret scribblings to the rest of the family, and Stonefish turns spin doctor to ensure Brett wins the school election.

Episode 2313
Network Ten: 01/02/1995
BBC: 26/09/1995
UK Gold: 12/09/2001

Danni and Brett battle it out in the school elections, while Philip begins to doubt whether he's up to steering Hannah through adolescence, and Libby plots revenge on Mal.

Episode 2314
Network Ten: 02/02/1995
BBC: 27/09/1995
UK Gold: 13/09/2001

Brett and Danni rack their brains for ways to improve Lou's image, and Hannah uses all her wits to wangle her way back into ballet class.

Episode 2315
Network Ten: 03/02/1995
BBC: 28/09/1995
UK Gold: 14/09/2001

Bianca goes missing and Cody uncovers Lech's true motives for dating her, and Karl plans a surprise for Susan's birthday.

Episode 2316
Network Ten: 06/02/1995
BBC: 29/09/1995
UK Gold: 17/09/2001

Billy opens up and reveals his hidden feelings for Packo, and Cody knocks the cricket coach for six in the university trials. Sam and Marlene pin their hopes of finding Bianca on a newspaper advertisement.

Episode 2317
Network Ten: 07/02/1995
BBC: 02/10/1995
UK Gold: 18/09/2001

Cody and Rick's romantic weekend turns into a flop, and Marlene's celebration is overshadowed by Bianca's absence.

Episode 2318
Network Ten: 08/02/1995
BBC: 03/10/1995
UK Gold: 19/09/2001

Stonefish's estranged father Big Kev makes a surprise reappearance, and Libby over-reacts to jibes about her saucy tales.

Episode 2319
Network Ten: 09/02/1995
BBC: 04/10/1995
UK Gold: 20/09/2001

Panic spreads like wildfire as a mystery intruder stalks Ramsay Street, while Cheryl is dismayed by the huge response to Lou's fight the freeway campaign.

Episode 2320
Network Ten: 10/02/1995
BBC: 05/10/1995
UK Gold: 21/09/2001

Helen and Marlene get stranded, and Annalise learns she has a serious health problem.

Episode 2321
Network Ten: 13/02/1995
BBC: 06/10/1995
UK Gold: 24/09/2001

The hunt for Helen and Marlene takes an unpleasant turn as a discovery sends Cheryl's imagination into overdrive. Malcolm hopes he can count on Libby's support as the Kennedy's hold a family meeting.

Episode 2322
Network Ten: 14/02/1995
BBC: 09/10/1995
UK Gold: 25/09/2001

Cheryl eats humble pie as the truth about the robbery comes to light.

Episode 2323
Network Ten: 15/02/1995
BBC: 10/10/1995
UK Gold: 26/09/2001

The Rebecchi family beat a hasty retreat, and Karl receives Annalise's test results.

Episode 2324
Network Ten: 16/02/1995
BBC: 11/10/1995
UK Gold: 27/09/2001

A frightened Annalise faces up to the fact she has cancer and must be treated immediately. Marlene goes security crazy following the spate of burglaries.

Episode 2325
Network Ten: 17/02/1995
BBC: 12/10/1995
UK Gold: 28/09/2001

The local newspaper drags Lou's reputation through the mud in an attack on dodgy businessmen, and Brett's illness threatens the play. But, the show must go on.
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