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Neighbours Episode Guide: 451-475

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Episode 451
Network Ten: 23/03/1987
BBC: 29/07/1988
UK Gold: 25/07/1994

Details to follow

Episode 452
Network Ten: 24/03/1987
BBC: 01/08/1988
UK Gold: 26/07/1994

Details to follow

Episode 453
Network Ten: 25/03/1987
BBC: 02/08/1988
UK Gold: 27/07/1994

Des and Jim encounter trouble while out on a run.

Episode 454
Network Ten: 26/03/1987
BBC: 03/08/1988
UK Gold: 28/07/1994

Daphne, Mike and Eileen anxiously await news of Des.

Episode 455
Network Ten: 27/03/1987
BBC: 04/08/1988
UK Gold: 29/07/1994

Details to follow

Episode 456
Network Ten: 30/03/1987
BBC: 05/08/1988
UK Gold: 01/08/1994

Paul finds out the truth, and gives Mrs Mangel her job back.

Episode 457
Network Ten: 31/03/1987
BBC: 08/08/1988
UK Gold: 02/08/1994

Madge reaches an important decision.

Episode 458
Network Ten: 01/04/1987
BBC: 09/08/1988
UK Gold: 03/08/1994

Daphne's father pays an unwelcome visit.

Episode 459
Network Ten: 02/04/1987
BBC: 10/08/1988
UK Gold: 04/08/1994

Mrs Mangel and Jane come to an understanding.

Episode 460
Network Ten: 03/04/1987
BBC: 11/08/1988
UK Gold: 05/08/1994

Written by Ray Kolle
Directed by Steve Mann
Guest stars

Charlene gets a new job in Brisbane, but will Scott let her leave?

Music: 'Haunting Me' by V Capri

Episode 461
Network Ten: 06/04/1987
BBC: 12/08/1988
UK Gold: 08/08/1994

Madge isn't happy when Charlene returns home. Des invites Allen, Daphne's father, for dinner.

Episode 462
Network Ten: 07/04/1987
BBC: 15/08/1988
UK Gold: 09/08/1994

Harold buys a wedding-ring. Daphne refuses to see her father.

Episode 463
Network Ten: 08/04/1987
BBC: 16/08/1988
UK Gold: 10/08/1994

Daphne tells the truth about her father. Harold decides to behave like a parent towards Charlene and Henry.

Episode 464
Network Ten: 09/04/1987
BBC: 17/08/1988
UK Gold: 11/08/1994

Henry and Charlene are not happy about Harold interfering in their lives. Gail's father, Rob, is a mechanic and is looking for an investor. Jim is interested, but they need another one. Henry invites Jane to a party and tells her that he wants to date her again. But she reveals that she is in love with Mike.

Episode 465
Network Ten: 10/04/1987
BBC: 18/08/1988
UK Gold: 12/08/1994

Scott and Charlene come up with a plot that will make Madge allow them to see each other. Mrs Mangel gets her portrait from Helen.

Episode 466
Network Ten: 13/04/1987
BBC: 19/08/1988
UK Gold: 15/08/1994

Mrs Mangel doesn't like her portrait, but Helen wants to show it at the exhibition. A surprise visitor to Ramsay Street gives Helen a surprise.

Episode 467
Network Ten: 14/04/1987
BBC: 22/08/1988
UK Gold: 16/08/1994

Henry finds himself in trouble and Helen gets very disappointed.

Episode 468
Network Ten: 15/04/1987
BBC: 23/08/1988
UK Gold: 17/08/1994

Helen decides to not paint anymore. Charlene invites Warren to stay, but he has changed and Madge likes him. Daphne receives an unwelcome gift.

Episode 469
Network Ten: 16/04/1987
BBC: 24/08/1988
UK Gold: 18/08/1994

Rob needs an investor for his garage, and asks Harold. Harold has his doubts, but then Rob promises to hire Charlene. Allen tells Daphne that he has opened a fund for his coming grandchildren.

Episode 470
Network Ten: 17/04/1987
BBC: 25/08/1988
UK Gold: 19/08/1994

Allen is only interested in a heir. Charlene's feelings for Warren get more and more complicated.

Episode 471
Network Ten: 20/04/1987
BBC: 26/08/1988
UK Gold: 22/08/1994

Charlene realises that she can't break up with Warren now when he depends on her. But Scott tells Warren the truth, and he is very upset.

Episode 472
Network Ten: 21/04/1987
BBC: 29/08/1988
UK Gold: 23/08/1994

Written by Ray Harding
Directed by Brendan Maher
Guest stars
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Rob Lewis: Ernie Bourne
Sue Parker: Kate Gorman
Warren Murphy: Ben Mendelsohn

Scott tries to apologise to Charlene. Henry brings home a new girl, Sue Parker.

Episode 473
Network Ten: 22/04/1987
BBC: 30/08/1988
UK Gold: 24/08/1994

Has Sue got her act together? Paul has a plan to make Helen paint again, he sends her painting to a competition. Charlene decides to leave home and Daphne feels uncomfortable with her life.

Episode 474
Network Ten: 23/04/1987
BBC: 31/08/1988
UK Gold: 25/08/1994

Charlene moves to the caravan at Lassiters, and makes peace with Scott.

Episode 475
Network Ten: 24/04/1987
BBC: 01/09/1988
UK Gold: 26/08/1994

Rob's dream of two silent partners appears to remain just a dream.
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