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Neighbours Episode Guide: 501-525

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Episode 501
Network Ten: 01/06/1987
BBC: 07/10/1988
UK Gold: 03/10/1994

Gail doesn’t like Jim's decision about 'No. 13'. Charlene, Scott, Henry and Jane make a serious mistake.

Episode 502
Network Ten: 02/06/1987
BBC: 10/10/1988
UK Gold: 04/10/1994

Written by Maureen Ann Moran
Directed by Chris Sheil
Guest stars
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Rob Lewis: Ernie Bourne
Gail Lewis: Fiona Corke

Jim and Helen are very happy about Paul and Gail's engagement. Scott reveals his plans to live with Charlene.

Episode 503
Network Ten: 03/06/1987
BBC: 11/10/1988
UK Gold: 05/10/1994

Jim and Madge are not happy about Scott and Charlene's decision, but they have made up their minds.

Episode 504
Network Ten: 04/06/1987
BBC: 12/10/1988
UK Gold: 06/10/1994

Scott realise that it will be very expensive to move in with Charlene, and makes a serious mistake.

Episode 505
Network Ten: 05/06/1987
BBC: 13/10/1988
UK Gold: 07/10/1994

Scott goes to the police, but they can't help him. Charlene finds Madge's ring, but will Harold forgive Madge?

Episode 506
Network Ten: 08/06/1987
BBC: 14/10/1988
UK Gold: 10/10/1994

Guest stars
Gail Lewis: Fiona Corke
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith

Madge throws her ring into the Lassiter's Lake, and Henry goes in to search for it. Mrs Mangel falls off a ladder while helping Daphne in the new nursery.

Episode 507
Network Ten: 09/06/1987
BBC: 17/10/1988
UK Gold: 11/10/1994

Mrs Mangel suffers amnesia, she has lost two years of her life and can't even remember where the bathroom is. Scott and Charlene decide to wait a while before moving in together.

Episode 508
Network Ten: 10/06/1987
BBC: 18/10/1988
UK Gold: 12/10/1994

Written by Ray Harding
Directed by Mark Piper
Guest stars
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Mr Field: Michael Rowan

Harold moves to Lassiters. Scott pops an unexpected question to Charlene.

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Episode 509
Network Ten: 11/06/1987
BBC: 19/10/1988
UK Gold: 13/10/1994

Written by C.V. Schofield
Directed by Mark Piper
Guest stars
Rob Lewis: Ernie Bourne

Charlene agrees to marry Scott, but what do their friends and relatives have to say? Henry finds Madge's ring.

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Episode 510
Network Ten: 12/06/1987
BBC: 20/10/1988
UK Gold: 14/10/1994

Scott is very angry at Jim. Charlene wants Henry to give her away.

Episode 511
Network Ten: 15/06/1987
BBC: 21/10/1988
UK Gold: 17/10/1994

Jim and Scott resolve their differences at Anne's grave.

Episode 512
Network Ten: 16/06/1987
BBC: 24/10/1988
UK Gold: 18/10/1994

Jim changes his mind about Scott and Charlene's wedding. Paul employs Henry. Lucy finds a mysterious bone.

Episode 513
Network Ten: 17/06/1987
BBC: 25/10/1988
UK Gold: 19/10/1994

Mrs Mangel thinks that her ex-husband Len is dead. Paul and Gail are getting married, but they sleep in different bedrooms.

Episode 514
Network Ten: 18/06/1987
BBC: 26/10/1988
UK Gold: 20/10/1994

Jim and Helen are disappointed that Paul and Gail didn't have a bigger wedding. Henry works hard for Charlene's sake.

Episode 515
Network Ten: 19/06/1987
BBC: 27/10/1988
UK Gold: 21/10/1994

Daphne feels forgotten, because she wasn't invited to Paul and Gail's wedding. Mrs Mangel's memory is starting to come back, and she is planning to sue Des and Daphne.

Episode 516
Network Ten: 22/06/1987
BBC: 28/10/1988
UK Gold: 24/10/1994

Mrs Mangel meets a lawyer, and she makes a threat to Des and Daphne that means they could lose everything they own.

Episode 517
Network Ten: 23/06/1987
BBC: 31/10/1988
UK Gold: 25/10/1994

Guest stars
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Alex Donnelly: Jedda Cole

The bone Lucy found appears to be aboriginal. Harold is going to the church with Mrs Mangel.

The Producers wish to thank The Mountain View Hotel for their assistance.

Episode 518
Network Ten: 24/06/1987
BBC: 01/11/1988
UK Gold: 26/10/1994

Madge tells Mrs Mangel to make a steak dinner for Harold, little does she know he is a vegetarian. Jim's cousin Hilary arrives.

Episode 519
Network Ten: 25/06/1987
BBC: 02/11/1988
UK Gold: 27/10/1994

Hilary takes over the household, and Helen doesn't like it. Des bribes Mrs Mangel. Mike, Jim and Henry plan a bucks night for Scott, Lucy overhears their plans and gossip to Scott.

Episode 520
Network Ten: 26/06/1987
BBC: 03/11/1988
UK Gold: 28/10/1994

Most of the Ramsay Street men are locked up in the cellar, and they start making accusations. Madge's father, Dan, makes his feelings known about the Robinson family and threatens to put a stop to the wedding.

Episode 521
Network Ten: 29/06/1987
BBC: 04/11/1988
UK Gold: 31/10/1994

Edna tries to talk sense into Dan.

Episode 522
Network Ten: 30/06/1987
BBC: 07/11/1988
UK Gold: 01/11/1994

Hilary's visit looks set to expose the truth about Paul and Gail's marriage when she notices they come out of different bedrooms.

Episode 523
Network Ten: 01/07/1987
BBC: 08/11/1988
UK Gold: 02/11/1994

Written by Ray Harding
Directed by Rod Hardy
Guest stars
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Dan Ramsay: Syd Conabere
Edna Ramsay: Jessica Noad
Hilary Robinson: Anne Scott Pendlebury
Reverend Sampson: Howard Bell
David Turner: Guy May

Gail tells Hilary a white lie. It's the big day at last for Scott and Charlene. Both are full of nerves, but Charlene looks radiant now that her rash has cleared up and the jittery Scott is pleased to see some old schoolmates at the wedding, but they still have to get through the reception and Albert the mouse is a most unruly guest.

Music: "Suddenly" Written by Angry Anderson Andy Cichon Kevin Beamish
By Permission of Mushroom Music
Available on Mushroom Records
Sung by Angry Anderson
Available on the Neighbours: Defining Moments DVD collection.
Fabrics for Wedding Dress exclusively supplied by: Clegs of Little Collins Street, Melbourne
Available on the Neighbours: Defining Moments and Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 2 DVD collections.

Episode 524
Network Ten: 02/07/1987
BBC: 09/11/1988
UK Gold: 03/11/1994

Mrs Mangel is in love with Harold, and he tries to explain to her that they wouldn't fit together. Gail is worried, Rob has been behaving peculiar for a while. Harold tells her that Rob has a debt of $15,000 at the garage.

Episode 525
Network Ten: 03/07/1987
BBC: 10/11/1988
UK Gold: 04/11/1994

Written by Ray Kolle
Directed by Rod Hardy
Guest stars
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Hilary Robinson: Anne Scott Pendlebury

Harold believes that Rob has been stealing money. Hilary tries to play match-maker on Jim's behalf. Daphne tells Mrs Mangel the truth about Len.
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