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Neighbours Episode Guide: 776-800

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Episode 776
Network Ten: 25/07/1988
BBC: 31/10/1989
UK Gold: 23/10/1995

Charlene and takes a sentimental journey around Erinsborough before getting ready for her Brisbane trip. Paul and Gail are disappointed by the IVF results. Bronwyn and Mike have a heated argument over Jamie and the running of the Clarke household.

Episode 777
Network Ten: 26/07/1988
BBC: 01/11/1989
UK Gold: 24/10/1995

Charlene says a tearful farewell to Ramsay Street as she leaves for Brisbane, while Mike and Bronwyn establish a new relationship. Jim quarrels with wife Beverly, and Jane finds out that the gun belongs to Mrs. Mangel's son, Joe.

Note: Final appearance of Kylie Minogue as Charlene Robinson.

Episode 778
Network Ten: 27/07/1988
BBC: 02/11/1989
UK Gold: 25/10/1995

Henry advises Todd about how to kiss Emma. Mrs Mangel reveals a long-concealed family secret, and Henry sets a trap to catch the garage's phantom graffiti artist.

Episode 779
Network Ten: 28/07/1988
BBC: 03/11/1989
UK Gold: 26/10/1995

Todd tries to kiss Emma - but misses! Nick Page 'repaints' the fence, and Pete announces that he is quitting the Sports Institute.

Episode 780
Network Ten: 29/07/1988
BBC: 06/11/1989
UK Gold: 27/10/1995

A party is held to celebrate Jamie's first birthday. Bronwyn's sister, Sharon, makes her sudden arrival.

Episode 781
Network Ten: 01/08/1988
BBC: 07/11/1989
UK Gold: 30/10/1995

Mike endangers Jamie, and Sharon upsets Mrs Mangel who struggles to cope with her new houseguest. Des worries that Jamie might have swallowed a piece of rubber.

Episode 782
Network Ten: 02/08/1988
BBC: 08/11/1989
UK Gold: 31/10/1995

Jamie is found to be fine. Bronwyn embarks on another crusade, and Nick causes more problems for Todd when Helen invites him to stay at the Robinson house.

Episode 783
Network Ten: 03/08/1988
BBC: 09/11/1989
UK Gold: 01/11/1995

Todd breaks up with Emma. Sharon breaks Mrs. Mangel's organ, and Nick moves out of the Robinson house.

Episode 784
Network Ten: 04/08/1988
BBC: 10/11/1989
UK Gold: 02/11/1995

Jane is delighted to hear Henry has discovered Joe's address, while Nick persuades Sharon to return home. Nick moves back into with the Robinsons.

Episode 785
Network Ten: 05/08/1988
BBC: 13/11/1989
UK Gold: 03/11/1995

Sharon and Todd busk and get into trouble with Paul - as does Madge. Jane goes to see her uncle.

Episode 786
Network Ten: 08/08/1988
BBC: 14/11/1989
UK Gold: 06/11/1995

Paul shows increasing signs of stress, and Todd's resentment of Nick grows out of control. Joe says he doesn't want to know about his mother, and Helen's purse goes missing.

Episode 787
Network Ten: 09/08/1988
BBC: 15/11/1989
UK Gold: 07/11/1995

Harold finds the purse, and he gives Nick a job at the coffee shop after getting a telling off, while Henry outlines an ingenious plan - for murder. Nick causes an explosion - right next to Harold…

Episode 788
Network Ten: 10/08/1988
BBC: 16/11/1989
UK Gold: 08/11/1995

Harold sacks Nick, and Scott plays detective at the Clarkes'. Bronwyn and Sharon's Aunt Edie arrives, and Joe turns up on at Mrs. Mangel's doorstep.

Episode 789
Network Ten: 11/08/1988
BBC: 17/11/1989
UK Gold: 09/11/1995

Paul's deception lands him in hot water with Rosemary and puts Lassiter's in jeopardy. Edie says Sharon can stay in Erinsborough, and the debate over the Waterhole uniforms reaches a conclusion.

Episode 790
Network Ten: 12/08/1988
BBC: 20/11/1989
UK Gold: 10/11/1995

Guest stars
Bob Hughes: Jim Daly

Jim makes a decision that could endanger his future with Beverly, and Paul's career takes an unexpected turn after Rosemary suspends him. Mike takes Bronwyn motorcycling.

Episode 791
Network Ten: 15/08/1988
BBC: 21/11/1989
UK Gold: 13/11/1995

Written by Wayne Doyle
Directed by Chris Sheil

Unwelcome news threatens Paul's glittering business career. Jim suggests that he and Beverly could have a baby. Nick's paintings are hung in the coffee shop, and Rosemary sends Derek Morris to see Paul.

Episode 792
Network Ten: 16/08/1988
BBC: 22/11/1989
UK Gold: 14/11/1995

Henry and Harold make a bet, and Joe's innocence is established. Henry is tied up, and he and Madge and fired by Derek Morris.

Episode 793
Network Ten: 17/08/1988
BBC: 23/11/1989
UK Gold: 15/11/1995

The Robinsons worry about Nick - and realise they have good reason for concern. Derek Morris threatens to sack Paul, but Paul quits. Beverly returns home, and Nick is arrested.

Episode 794
Network Ten: 18/08/1988
BBC: 24/11/1989
UK Gold: 16/11/1995

Beverly decides what is to be done about Nick after the news of his grandmother's death, while irrepressible Henry comes up with yet another bright idea. Mike and Bronwyn kiss.

Episode 795
Network Ten: 19/08/1988
BBC: 27/11/1989
UK Gold: 17/11/1995

Mike admits his feelings about a new relationship, while Des literally gets cold feet and ruins his new suit in the ice cream-eating contest. Jane tells Mike that she doesn't mind him and Bronwyn being an item.

Episode 796
Network Ten: 22/08/1988
BBC: 28/11/1989
UK Gold: 20/11/1995

Mike threatens Derek Morris, who in turn threatens Des. He also tries to seduce Jane again.

Episode 797
Network Ten: 23/08/1988
BBC: 29/11/1989
UK Gold: 21/11/1995

Derek Morris is found to be a spy for a rival company, and he's given the sack. Paul is reinstated after the Lassiter's staff hold a strike. Nick's grandmother's funeral takes place.

Episode 798
Network Ten: 24/08/1988
BBC: 30/11/1989
UK Gold: 22/11/1995

Gail upsets Madge, who quits again. Harold collapses. Katie returns with influence from Hilary.

Episode 799
Network Ten: 25/08/1988
BBC: 01/12/1989
UK Gold: 23/11/1995

Des threatens to sack Harold unless he goes on holiday. Sharon discovers Aunt Edie is planning to settle in Ramsay Street.

Episode 800
Network Ten: 26/08/1988
BBC: 04/12/1989
UK Gold: 24/11/1995

Henry decides to produce gnomes! Sharon bids for the auctioned house. Des meets his new trainee manager.
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