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Amy Williams

Amy Williams played by Zoë Cramond

played by Zoë Cramond

Tenure: Seasons Episodes
2015 - 2020 7137 - 8267
2020 8330 (guest)
  Character name played by
Parents: Paul Robinson Stefan Dennis
Nina Williams Leigh Morgan
Ally Fowler
Siblings: Leo Tanaka (half brother) Tim Kano
David Tanaka (half brother) Takaya Honda
Cameron Robinson (half brother) Adam Hunter
Lucinda 'Elle' Robinson (half sister) Pippa Black
Robert Robinson (half brother) Adam Hunter
Andrew Robinson (half brother) Jordan Patrick Smith
Children: Jimmy Williams (with Nina Williams) Darcy Tadich

Amy Williams was previously played by Nicolette Minster in episodes 733 to 737 in the 1988 season and by Sheridan Compagnino (credited as 'Amy Robinson') in episodes 1644 to 1663 of the 1992 season. Both shown in flashbacks in episode 7138.