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Neighbours Titles Gallery

There have been a huge number of changes to the opening titles of the show over the years to reflect the arrival and departure of characters and to keep the show looking modern. Click on the images below to see the different version used.


Neighbours logo 1985

Used during the original season on the Seven Network. (Episodes 1-171)


Neighbours logo 1986-1992

The iconic 'map' style opening titles introduced when the show moved to Ten in 1986 and used until 1992. (Episodes 172-1680)


Neighbours logo 1997

Characters are grouped by the houses they live in, for the first time their first names are shown and the Ramsay Street cricket game returns! (Episodes 2771-3220)


Neighbours logo 1999

Characters appear in front of line drawings of familiar Erinsborough scenes. (Episodes 3221-3530)


Neighbours logo 2004

Diagonal overlapping style used for two years. (Episodes 4396-4875)


Neighbours logo 2006

Neighbours... The Cartoon! These bright titles were used from the start of the 2006 season until the switch to high definition production during 2007. (Episodes 4876-5260)


Neighbours logo 2007

Often known as the 'Photo Booth' titles. The move to high definition production brought a complete redesign with fast moving opening titles, a new theme sung by Sandra De Jong and the replacement of the familar Brush Script font with a new logo. (Episodes 5261-5910)


Neighbours logo 2010-2013

A return of first names which 'float' next to the characters. (Episodes 5911-6620)


Neighbours logo 2015-2016

A new logo and new theme music. For the first time, the main cast actors names are shown in the opening titles and not in the end credits. (Episodes 7031-7510)


Neighbours logo 2017-2018

A similar style to the previous two years, but with CGI backgrounds and clouds in place of real locations. (Episodes 7511-7845)


Neighbours logo 2018-2022

Real backgounds reintroduced. Used between 2018 and 2022. (Episodes 7846-8765)


Neighbours logo 2022

What was expected to be the final season saw a change of font for character names and a new aerial view of Ramsay Street. (Episodes 8766-8903)


Neighbours logo 2023

Opening titles for the new chapter of Neighbours bring sweeping views and the removal of character names. (Episodes 8904 onwards)