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Neighbours - Episode 1948

Block/Week: 390

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 30/06/1993
BBC: 03/05/1994
UK Gold: 19/04/2000

Written by John Upton
Directed by Michael Sergi

Julie ignores Philip's advice and decides to track down her real father, and Brad's birthday celebrations go disastrously wrong when his birthday jinx strikes again. Debbie is furious to learn Rick is taking Sarah to the dance instead of her, while Doug gambles his entire future on Chuka Mental.

Guest stars
Jenny Lim: Diane Bakar-Coleclough
Raymond Lim: T.S. Kong
Sarah Lim: Ola Chan
Jonathan: Alvin Chong
Compere: Honor Walters
Bookmaker: Simon Meates

Note: Credits show "Thanks to Victoria Racing Club"

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