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Neighbours - Episode 276

Block/Week: 56

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 16/06/1986
BBC: 25/11/1987
UK Gold: 22/11/1993

Written by Dave Worthigton
Directed by Richard Sarell

Mrs Mangel wastes no time in living up to her reputation, as she spreads gossip about Nikki's innocent meeting with Jimmy Stark. This causes her humiliation at school, and Mike is the only one to defend her. Zoe is rushed to hospital after she faints.

Guest stars
Mrs. Mangel: Vivean Gray
Mrs. York: Esme Melville
Removalist No. 1: Charles Gilroy
Removalist No. 2: Ron Bingham

Mrs. Mangel's house is referred to as "number nineteen" by the removalist

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