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Neighbours - Episode 2927

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 26/08/1997
BBC: 06/02/1998
UK Gold: 06/01/2004

Written by Chris Hollow
Directed by Ross McGregor

Lance has got himself into more hot water with Amy by pretending that he really does have a secret admirer. Will Sarah agree to give Angela a trial run at Number Thirty. Ben is sure that once Angela moves in, Sarah will be delighted.

Guest stars
Alistair O'Connor: Michael O'Neill
Samantha O'Connor: Elise Hearst
Angela Quinton: Fiona MacGregor
Amy Greenwood: Jacinta Stapleton
Jack Foster: Craig McMahon
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Bonnie: Trained by Jason Hura

Music: 'Love Comes Easy' by Vika and Linda

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