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Neighbours - Episode 3452

Block/Week: 691

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 25/01/2000
BBC: 29/02/2000
UK Gold: 25/04/2005

Written by Jason Herbison
Directed by T. Grant Fenn

Felicity's embarrassment is worsened when she tells Bill to call the job off and he responds by telling her he has a girlfriend. Paul and Tad throw a party, which gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Susan helps Teresa move into No. 32 and notices the strain she's under.

Guest stars
Brendan Bell: Blair Venn
Allie Bentley: Jade Butler
Tim Harrison: Tim Budge
Jane: Vanessa Sim
Simmo: Gregory Costaras
Bob: Trained by Anne Hura
T-Rex: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura

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