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Neighbours - Episode 3519

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 27/04/2000
BBC: 02/06/2000
UK Gold: 09/06/2005

Written by Ben Marshall
Directed by Mark Hancock

While Lance and Steph plan a swim, they become involved in a fight with some local larrikins. Lance puts his new-found judo skills into practice. Drew tells Lance he seems to have gotten over Amy since he has been hanging out with Steph, but Lance protests they are just good friends. Drew disbelieves. Lyn approaches Geri about potential radio 'plugs' when she hears on-air comments about her rival salon. Geri suggests she would be more than happy to broadcast favourable comments - for a price.

Guest stars
Rose Kirk: Diana Greentree
Geri Hallet: Isabella Dunwill
Janet Kirk: Roberta Connelly
Bazza Smith: Victor Cowling

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