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Neighbours - Episode 3529

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 11/05/2000
BBC: 16/06/2000
UK Gold: 16/06/2005

Written by John Upton
Directed by Anna Johnson

Libby finally decides to tell Karl what the bill for the wedding will be - $20,000. Karl hides his shock, but embarks on a mission to cut costs. Susan tells him to stop being miserly - Libby wants a lavish wedding and that's what she'll get. Drew tells Libby his mother wants him to wear a kilt for the wedding and Libby loves the idea. Lou is granted special permission to sit his driving test in his office at the pub. Brendan returns from overseas and Tess is happy to see him. A night out leads to a passionate kiss and Teresa asking Brendan to stay the night.

Guest stars
Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
Brendan Bell: Blair Venn
Patricia McKay: Carole Browne
Merridy Jackson: Suzy Kato

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