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Neighbours - Episode 3532

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 16/05/2000
BBC: 21/06/2000
UK Gold: 20/06/2005

Written by Lyn Ogilvy
Directed by Tony Osicka

Merridy convinces Lou to take driving lessons, but he doesn't take too well to the driving instructor, Mrs Richards. Sean attends his first dinner at the Scully household, but it doesn't go well. He inadvertently makes Michelle cry and leaves after an argument with Joe. Felicity accuses Joe of making no effort to welcome Sean. Meanwhile, bickering relatives set to ruin Libby and Drew's wedding plans. Drew playfully suggests they elope, but just how serious is he?

Cast List

Guest stars
Sean Edwards: Daniel Collopy
Maurie Ryan: Neil Fletcher
Glenda Ryan: Bronwyn Di Cecco

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