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Neighbours - Episode 3544

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 01/06/2000
BBC: 07/07/2000
UK Gold: 28/06/2005

Written by Linda Stainton
Directed by Richard Sarell

Felicity meets with Sean, who apologies for ending their relationship and tells Flick he isn't sure he can deal with Joe's aggression. Flick lays it on the line - is he man enough to have a relationship with her or not? Meanwhile, Lance and Toadie continue their conquest of Steph, but their birthday presents prove a disaster - she hates small glass animals. Finally Lou bites the bullet and tells Merridy he loves her, but how will she react?

Guest stars
Merridy Jackson: Suzy Kato
Sean Edwards: Daniel Collopy
Roy "Stanno" Stanley: Cameron Douglas

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