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Neighbours - Episode 3547

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 06/06/2000
BBC: 12/07/2000
UK Gold: 29/06/2005

Written by Marieke Josephine Hardy
Directed by Gary Conway

Joe and Flick start to rebuild their relationship after Felicity decides to break up with Sean. Simone and Tad break up when Paul is forced to tell Tad about their mutual crush. Paul's relationship with Tad is left in tatters. Meanwhile, Steph and her friend Kate go bowling with Lance and Toadie. It is obvious to Kate that Lance and Toadie are besotted with Steph, and she tells Steph to wake up.

Guest stars
Simone King: Denise Briskin
Sean Edwards: Daniel Collopy
Kate Davis: Naomi Lopez

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