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Neighbours - Episode 3558

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 21/06/2000
BBC: 27/07/2000
UK Gold: 07/07/2005

Written by John Upton
Directed by T. Grant Fenn

Libby and Steph find new levels to their friendship during their weekend away. However, joy turns to horror when Brendan, in a misguided jealous rage over Tess, hits the two girls and runs their bike off the road. Will the two survive the crash?

Guest stars
Bernie Samuels: Sean Scully
Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Brendan Bell: Blain Venn
Lindsay Hall: Glenn Hunt
Paula Lethlean: Shae Kearsley
Brendan Driving Double: Chris Anderson
Stephanie Riding Double: Terry Carter
Libby Riding Double: Amanda Buchanan

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