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Neighbours - Episode 3582

Block/Week: 717

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 25/07/2000
BBC: 31/08/2000
UK Gold: 25/07/2005

Written by Piet Collins
Directed by T. Grant Fenn

Paul and Tad are intent on telling Flick the date with Postie Pete is a set-up, however they don't get the chance. Meanwhile, Joel does his best to force Steph and Max together, but when Dione finds out, she is furious. Will Glenda reconsider her decision to testify against Karl?

Guest stars
Max Crawford: Simon Gleeson
Glenda Ryan: Bronwyn Di Cecco
Maurie Ryan: Neil Fletcher
Patrick Cotter: Tim Bowman
Julie Wise: Carly Griffen

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