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Neighbours - Episode 3587

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 01/08/2000
BBC: 07/09/2000
UK Gold: 27/07/2005

Written by Noel Maloney
Directed by Gary Conway

Flick, eager to make an impression on Pete Redman at her first soccer training session, arrives looking her best, complete with make-up, jewellery and a zippy sports outfit. However her main rival Cheyenne tells her she's going to have to do more than look good to impress him. Meanwhile Lance is horrified when Toadie wins the university election, and Lyn suspects that Steph has romantic designs on Drew.

Guest stars
Pete Redman: Franko Raco
Cheyenne Rivers: Angelique Meunier
Tuong Phan: Trent Huen
Tony Simpson: Stan Tsitas

Scene from episode 3587

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