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Neighbours - Episode 3590

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 04/08/2000
BBC: 12/09/2000
UK Gold: 29/07/2005

Written by Roger Dunn
Directed by Gary Conway

Michelle comes clean to her parents over her friendship with Damon. Tad's debut at the nightclub is a success, and Doula reveals she's going to make him an offer he can't refuse. Meanwhile tempers are frayed at the Scully household when Joe and Lyn come close to all-out warfare over a pair of scissors. However all-out war is averted by a knock on the door. A grinning Joe returns with an envelope in his hand - could the Scullys' fortune be about to change?

Guest stars
Doula Tsobanopoulos: Katherine Halliday
Damon Gaffney: Richard Morgan
"Bez" Marie: Scott Terrille

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