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Neighbours - Episode 3750

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 20/04/2001
BBC: 22/05/2001
UK Gold: 18/11/2005

Written by Bert Deling
Directed by David Myles

Chris encounters a school bully. Toadie gets the sack, and Lou succumbs to his temptation.

Guest stars
Evan Hancock: Nicholas Opolski
Maggie Hancock: Sally Cooper
Matthew Hancock: Stephen Hunt
Leo Hancock: Anthony Hammer
Emily Hancock: Isabella Oldham
Darcy Tyler: Foster Raffety
Aleks Rama: Dean Ali
Elly Turnbull: Cherise Donovan
Callum Jackson: Nicolas Colla
Removal Man: Stuart Black
Patron: Gary Chapman

Note: Credits list Darcy as both a regular and guest character.

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