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Neighbours - Episode 4630

2004 Series Finale
The End Of An Era

Block/Week: 926

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 10/12/2004
BBC: 10/03/2005

Written by Ben Marshall
Directed by Tony Osicka

An inferno engulfs Lassiter's, threatening lives. A familiar face returns to Ramsay Street. Lyn and Steph mourn Charlie's death.

Guest stars
Charlie Cassidy: Cliff Ellen
Doreen Cassidy: Anne Phelan
Michael Cassidy: David Paterson
Gus Cleary: Ben Barrack
Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Valda Sheergold: Joan Sydney
Young Valda Sheergold: Lauren Anderson
Security Guards: Brent Lister Rick Tonna

Available on the Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 2 DVD collection.

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