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Neighbours - Episode 4844

Lean On Me

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 03/11/2005
BBC: 27/01/2006

Written by Linda Stainton
Directed by Gary Conway

David's body is recovered and Harold lashes out violently. Elle defends Izzy to her father. Karl tempts Izzy with the possibility of a reconciliation. Elle acts on her feelings for Ned. Ned's secret is revealed - he wants to tread the boards.

Guest stars
Joe Mangel: Mark Little
Alex Kinski: Andrew Clarke
Rachel Kinski: Caitlin Stasey
Zeke Kinski: Matthew Werkmeister
Ned Parker: Daniel O'Connor
Elle Robinson: Pippa Black
Gino Esposito: Shane McNamara
Corey Helpmann: Cameron MacDonald
Ed Holloway: Daniel James

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