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Neighbours - Episode 4872

Puss In Boots

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 13/12/2005
BBC: 08/03/2006

Written by John Upton
Directed by Tony Osicka

Alex and Susan become Man and Wife before she loses him forever. Katya forgives her Dad, but is it too late? Roo closes in on Stuart. Karl stands by Susan, despite his pain. Paul and Izzy plan a hedonistic Christmas.

Guest stars
Alex Kinski: Andrew Clarke
Rachel Kinski: Caitlin Stasey
Zeke Kinski: Matthew Werkmeister
Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
Reuben 'Roo' Hausman: Richard Cawthorne
Father Capetola: Mark Doggett

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