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Neighbours - Episode 4953

Blessed Be Thy Fame

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 26/04/2006
BBC: 19/07/2006
UK Gold: 10/03/2008

Written by Martin McKenna
Directed by Gary Conway

Janae discovers the shocking truth about Bree. Boyd and Janae try to score emotional points against each other. Susan puts on a brave face in light of Karl's happiness. Zeke is threatened by Bree's success.

Guest stars
Kim Timmins: Brett Swain
Zeke Kinski: Matthew Werkmeister
Ned Parker: Daniel O'Connor
Jenny McKenna: Carrie Barr
Sasha Hennessy: Eloise Grace
Maxine Hunter: Michelle Cele
Toni Quinn: Paige Gardiner
Roger Nixon: Ellis Bell

Music: 'Got to Survive' by 1200 Techniques, 'Sergio's Theme' by Deep Dish, 'Arithmetic' by Brooke Fraser, 'Buggin' Me' by Selwyn, 'Sublime' by Shayaka, 'Treacherous Head' by Skunkhour

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