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Neighbours - Episode 4979

Run For Your Wife

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 01/06/2006
BBC: 24/08/2006
UK Gold: 26/03/2008

Written by Elizabeth Packett
Directed by Tony Osicka

The long arm of the law collars Kim at the nuptials. Max launches a tirade against Boyd's would be in-laws. Stingray thanks Rachel for her brave efforts to save the day.

Guest stars
Rachel Kinski: Caitlin Stasey
Zeke Kinski: Matthew Werkmeister
Kim Timmins: Brett Swain
Angie Rebecchi: Lesley Baker
Big Kev Rebecchi: Don Bridges
Snr. Sgt. Allan Steiger: Joe Clements
Doreen Chatterly: Marita Wilcox

Block reference: Steiger says "We're gonna need back up. Call car 996."

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