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Neighbours - Episode 5119

Janelle's Christmas Ham

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 14/12/2006
BBC: 13/03/2007
UK Gold: 24/06/2008

Written by Drew Tingwell
Directed by Tony Osicka

Just as Katya and Karl achieve rapprochement, the spectre from her past threatens to destroy them all. Janelle and Steiger bond over shared heartaches. Sky and Dylan rejoice at their new, mutual repulsion!

Guest stars
Katya Kinski: Dichen Lachman
Rosetta Cammeniti: Natalie Saleeba
Pepper Steiger: Nicky Whelan
Sen. Sgt. Allan Steiger: Joe Clements
Christine Rodd: Trudy Hellier
Guy Sykes: Fletcher Humphrys

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