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Neighbours - Episode 5276

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 13/08/2007
BBC: 05/11/2007

Written by Ben Marshall
Directed by Tony Osicka

When Richard finds Rebecca, she resorts to a desperate lie that has Oliver wondering if she ever told the truth. Heroic Adam is upset by Pepper doubting he's ready to be a cop again. Toadie accuses his brother of stealing but has he got his facts right?

Guest stars
Richard Aaronow: Blair Venn
Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Stonefish Rebecchi: Anthony Engelman
Tom Kennedy: Bob Hornery
Ursula Noonan: Mairead Curran
Violet Townsend: Barbara Burder
Shane Brooks: Mark Redpath
Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper: Emma Moore
Iain Morecombe: Andrew Carter

Note: The 'Carole Harvey Memorial Nursing Home' is named after the Production Designer.

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