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Neighbours - Episode 5532

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 02/09/2008
Five: 24/11/2008

Written by Katrina Foster
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Callum finds Mickey in the city and attempts to convince him to return to Ramsay Street. But Mickey is certain he'll be sent back to Perth. Knowing he is betraying Mickey, Callum rings Toadie and tells him where they are. Safely back on Ramsay Street, Callum reveals the extent of Mickey's loneliness and neglect to the Parkers. They reach a compromise, for Mickey to be sent back to his parents, but Lou will accompany him and hopefully help Ned and Kirsten decide what's best for their son.

Guest stars
Ty Harper: Dean Geyer
Sienna Cammeniti: Erin McNaught
Pete Ferguson: Kristin Holland
Callum Jones: Morgan Baker
Donna Freedman: Margot Robbie
Logan Ellis: Nick Cain
Pedestrian: Rainey Carrah

Thanks to Queen Victoria Market

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