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Neighbours - Episode 6286

Block/Week: 1254

Transmisson dates
Eleven: 07/11/2011
Five: 05/12/2011

Written by Mia Tolhurst
Directed by Jonathon Dutton

After finally convincing Noah to leave, Kate has to do some fast-talking to get Sophie home without arousing suspicion, but Kate worries Noah will tell Sophie their secret.; Rhys announces he wants to take Dane and Jade out to celebrate his barbecue success. Andrew spots a couple kissing on Summer's history wall footage. Jade smuggles Malcolm out when Rhys and Kyle return home early.

Guest stars
Dane Canning: Luke Pegler
Malcolm Kennedy: Benjie McNair
Noah Parkin: Orpheus Pledger
Amber Goddard: Kylee Ellis
Maggie Bryan: Kendal Rae

Kyle appeared in one scene on a phone call to Jade. Otherwise Dane replaces Kyle's role in the story.

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