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Neighbours - Episode 6384

Block/Week: 1271

Transmisson dates
Eleven: 19/04/2012
Five: 17/05/2012

Written by Sarah Dollard
Directed by Karl Zwicky

Tash is not ready to leave the home she shared with her family. Refusing to take her eviction lying down, she vows to make her house unsellable.

Guest stars
Aidan Foster: Bob Morley
Celeste McIntyre: Cassandra Magrath
Dr. Adrian Pearce: Christopher Waters
Molly Baker: Gemma-Ashley Kaplan
Rani Kapoor: Coco-Jacinta Cherian
Vanessa Villante: Alin Sumarwata
Morris Olsen: Colin MacPherson
Jonty Douglas: Jace Chan

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