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Neighbours - Episode 7751

2018 Series Return

Block/Week: 1498

Transmisson dates
Eleven: 08/01/2018
Five: 08/01/2018

Written by Paul Gartside
Directed by Tony Osicka

News quickly spreads of baby Gabe's disappearance. Tensions rise and fingers are pointed over whose fault his disappearance is. While everyone is searching for Gabe, Mark gets a phone call from the abductor. David still feels bad for turning down Aaron's offer to move in with him, while Toadie and Sonya's romantic interlude on the Brennans' boat goes wrong.

Guest stars
Special Appearance by: Madeleine West
Det. Bill Graves: Robert Grubb
Louise McLeod: Maria Theodorakis
Rory Zemiro: Ash Williams
Willow Somers: Mieke Billing-Smith
Gabriel Smith: Kian Bafekrpour
Stunt Driver: Grant Fletcher

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