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Neighbours - Episode 8761

Block/Week: 1667

Transmisson dates
10 Peach: 18/01/2022
Five: 14/01/2022

Written by Libby Butler
Directed by Kate Kendall

Toadie is horrified to discover the jelly shot that was given to Nell was full of vodka, and Zara's the culprit. Toadie warns Amy this is a slippery slope, so Amy attempts to discipline Zara, but Zara gets in her ear about how judgmental Toadie is being, causing a huge argument between Amy and Toad. Roxy and Kyle are excited for their parties.

Guest stars
Mick Allsop: Joel Creasey
Britney Barnes: Montana Cox
Zara Selwyn: Freya Van Dyke

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