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Neighbours - Episode 8784

Block/Week: 1672

Transmisson dates
10 Peach: 28/02/2022
Five: 16/02/2022

Written by Libby Butler
Directed by Iain Pirret

Aaron's worries for Abigail grow by the day, but he and David can't agree on what's best; after yet another scandal, Amy struggles to believe Zara when she says it wasn't her fault; Mackenzie and Hendrix get into a fight about his support for Zara.

Guest stars
Zara Selwyn: Freya Van Dyke
Sadie Rodwell: Emerald Chan
Aubrey Laing: Etoile Little
Curtis Perkins: Nathan Borg
Isla Tanaka-Brennan: Mary Finn
Abigail Tanaka: Axelle Austin

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