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Neighbours - Episode 8925 (relaunch episode 22)

Block/Week: 1700

Transmisson dates
Network Ten/10 Peach: 24/10/2023
Amazon Freevee: 24/10/2023

Written by Matthew Bon
Directed by Guy Strachan

Mackenzie is forced to confront a horrifying truth. Toadie faces up to the issues threatening the happiness of his family. Jane makes poor decisions after facing yet another blow. Reece's time in Erinsborough is at risk due to the meddling of an outsider.

Guest stars
Reece Sinclair: Mischa Barton
Tess Carmichael: Anica Calida
Rhonda Del Rubio: Rebekah Robertson
Eden Shaw: Costa D'Angelo
Billie Alessio: Georgia Walters

Cast includes Nell

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