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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1276-1300

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Episode 1276
Network Ten: 27/08/1990
BBC: 08/10/1991
UK Gold: 22/09/1997

Kerry finds herself in trouble with the police.

Episode 1277
Network Ten: 28/08/1990
BBC: 09/10/1991
UK Gold: 23/09/1997

Joe bails Kerry out, but she is left in no doubt about Joe's feelings toward her latest escapade.

Episode 1278
Network Ten: 29/08/1990
BBC: 10/10/1991
UK Gold: 24/09/1997

Matt and Gemma disobey Madge's orders, unaware they're being watched.

Episode 1279
Network Ten: 30/08/1990
BBC: 11/10/1991
UK Gold: 25/09/1997

Felicity Brent confronts Madge with a charge of corruption.

Episode 1280
Network Ten: 31/08/1990
BBC: 14/10/1991
UK Gold: 26/09/1997

Beverly returns, but only to inform Jim she is leaving Ramsay Street for good.

Episode 1281
Network Ten: 03/09/1990
BBC: 15/10/1991
UK Gold: 29/09/1997

Love's young dream Cody and Todd face the prospect of being separated.

Episode 1282
Network Ten: 04/09/1990
BBC: 16/10/1991
UK Gold: 30/09/1997

Doug mulls over recent events and begins to wonder if all his hard work was worth it - has he really made the ultimate sacrifice to get the Felicity Brent job?

Episode 1283
Network Ten: 05/09/1990
BBC: 17/10/1991
UK Gold: 01/10/1997

A broken-hearted Cody bids an emotional farewell to Todd.

Episode 1284
Network Ten: 06/09/1990
BBC: 18/10/1991
UK Gold: 02/10/1997

Just as Christina decides to tell Paul she is in love with him, she is devastated by Paul's declaration that he's in love with someone else.

Episode 1285
Network Ten: 07/09/1990
BBC: 21/10/1991
UK Gold: 03/10/1997

Written by Ray Kolle
Directed by Chris Adshead
Guest stars
Amber Martin: Alison White
Michael: Richard Fitzgerald
Megan: Christine Satchell
Illegal Poacher: Brett Swain
Bouncer: Luke's Canine Actors

Kerry is accidentally shot while attending an animal activists rally. Joe cradles her in his arms, but is it too late to save her?

Made with the co-operation of Dept Of Conservation Forests & Environment
Available on the Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 1 DVD collection.

Episode 1286
Network Ten: 10/09/1990
BBC: 22/10/1991
UK Gold: 06/10/1997

Written by Lois Booton
Directed by Chris Adshead
Guest stars
Amber Martin: Alison Whyte
Doctor Byrnes: Geoff Baird
Bouncer: Luke's Canine Actors

A dark cloud hangs over Ramsay Street as Kerry dies in hospital and Doug and Pam fret over Cody.

Many thanks to Knox Hospital Centre
Available on the Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 1 DVD collection.

Episode 1287
Network Ten: 11/09/1990
BBC: 23/10/1991
UK Gold: 07/10/1997

Harold and Joe cross swords over Kerry's funeral, while Matt confesses he was in love with her - much to Gemma's amazement.

Episode 1288
Network Ten: 12/09/1990
BBC: 24/10/1991
UK Gold: 08/10/1997

Joe decides to go away following Kerry's funeral, and Eddie faces a dilemma over his future.

Episode 1289
Network Ten: 13/09/1990
BBC: 25/10/1991
UK Gold: 09/10/1997

Paul's new girlfriend Isabella makes a stunning impression on his friends.

Episode 1290
Network Ten: 14/09/1990
BBC: 28/10/1991
UK Gold: 10/10/1997

Paul confronts Melanie and Christina about a baffling letter, while Todd reveals to Cody that his real reasons for running away to Erinsborough were because of a fight with his mother.

Episode 1291
Network Ten: 17/09/1990
BBC: 29/10/1991
UK Gold: 13/10/1997

Todd is found and sent back to Adelaide when is escape is discovered.

Episode 1292
Network Ten: 18/09/1990
BBC: 30/10/1991
UK Gold: 14/10/1997

Concerned parents Pam and Doug realise Cody has run away with Todd, and Dorothy makes a startling decision.

Episode 1293
Network Ten: 19/09/1990
BBC: 31/10/1991
UK Gold: 15/10/1997

Harold flies off the handle and romance blossoms between Paul and Isabella.

Episode 1294
Network Ten: 20/09/1990
BBC: 01/11/1991
UK Gold: 16/10/1997

Jim sets his sights on an old flame and Melanie's strange behaviour becomes a cause of concern.

Episode 1295
Network Ten: 21/09/1990
BBC: 04/11/1991
UK Gold: 17/10/1997

Caroline's love life takes a twist as she becomes torn between Adam and Jim.

Episode 1296
Network Ten: 24/09/1990
BBC: 05/11/1991
UK Gold: 20/10/1997

Adam does himself no favours by revealing his jealous streak.

Episode 1297
Network Ten: 25/09/1990
BBC: 06/11/1991
UK Gold: 21/10/1997

Caroline realises enough is enough and breaks off her relationship with Jim and Adam.

Episode 1298
Network Ten: 26/09/1990
BBC: 07/11/1991
UK Gold: 22/10/1997

Todd suspects Josh may be cheating on Melissa.

Episode 1299
Network Ten: 27/09/1990
BBC: 08/11/1991
UK Gold: 23/10/1997

Helen gets all het up over Eddie.

Episode 1300
Network Ten: 28/09/1990
BBC: 11/11/1991
UK Gold: 24/10/1997

Christina is shocked by Paul's marriage plans.
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