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Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 1

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Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 1

Shock 2007 - KAL 1126
(Duration: 750 minutes approx)
[PG] - Mild Themes

Cover description

A trip down memory lane for fans of one of Australia's most successful TV dramas. Featuring complete episodes from some of the most memorable moments in 22 years of Ramsay Street history including classic episodes which launched the successful careers of international stars such as Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, Natalie Imbruglia and Holly Valance. This is the DVD that all Neighbours fans will want!

    This DVD comes packaged with all the episodes that you'll remember
  • The very first episodes screed on Channel Seven & Ten
  • Harold's arrival
  • 1000th milestone episode & party celebration special
  • The Waterhole explodes
  • The Kennedy's move in
  • The Scully's move into The Martins' old place
  • Marc and Stephanie's wedding
  • Dee and Toadie's short lived honeymoon

Plus many more of your favourite iconic episodes

Special Features - Photo Gallery

Disc contents

Our comments

The first installment in the Iconic Episodes which was three years in the making. The three disc set contains 22 complete episodes in their original Australian broadcast form, plus the full length version of the 1000th episode special as broadcast on Network Ten (BBC viewers saw a shortened version). All episodes are presented in 4:3 aspect ratio, with more recent widescreen episodes in letterbox format.

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