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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1526-1550

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Episode 1526
Network Ten: 23/09/1991
BBC: 18/09/1992
UK Gold: 07/09/1998

Joe and Melanie consider an addition to the family, while Doug's plans for a romantic dinner with Pam are dashed. Unlucky-in-love Josh vows to give up women, but will he be able to stick to it?

Episode 1527
Network Ten: 24/09/1991
BBC: 21/09/1992
UK Gold: 08/09/1998

Todd and Brad resort to desperate measures in an attempt to win their bet. Pam believes Doug and Brenda are having an affair, and Lucy tries to seduce Josh. Gaby is left feeling Glen's social skills leave a lot to be desired.

Episode 1528
Network Ten: 25/09/1991
BBC: 22/09/1992
UK Gold: 09/09/1998

Gaby realises what has been bothering Glen and tries to solve the problem. Brenda turns on the waterworks to get Doug's attention, and an armed robbery at Lassiters put Caroline's life in danger.

Episode 1529
Network Ten: 26/09/1991
BBC: 23/09/1992
UK Gold: 10/09/1998

Joe discovers Melanie had an affair with Paul, while Christina anxiously awaits news of her sister after the shooting. Dorothy's decisions at her first council meeting risk bringing an end to her friendship with Helen, and the robbery puts temptation in Paul's path.

Episode 1530
Network Ten: 27/09/1991
BBC: 24/09/1992
UK Gold: 11/09/1998

Joe and Melanie's wedding plans hit rocky ground, and Helen refuses to listen to Dorothy's explanations. Lucy is in despair over her poor school performance. Paul puts his plan to defraud the insurance company into action, but he doesn't count on being blackmailed by the Lassiter's thief.

Episode 1531
Network Ten: 30/09/1991
BBC: 25/09/1992
UK Gold: 14/09/1998

Toby makes a discovery in the lake. Melanie moves in with Dorothy, while Christina attempts to play matchmaker. After an argument with his father Toby runs away, and Paul's future lies in Caroline's hands.

Episode 1532
Network Ten: 01/10/1991
BBC: 28/09/1992
UK Gold: 15/09/1998

Toby discovers that life as a runaway is far more frightening than he imagined. Paul sets a trap for the hotel robber, while the search for Toby brings a temporary truce between Helen and Dorothy. Caroline attempts to clear Paul's name.

Episode 1533
Network Ten: 02/10/1991
BBC: 29/09/1992
UK Gold: 16/09/1998

Glen finds out that Gaby has been spending time with Guy. Now the thief has been captured, scheming Paul has some tricky questions to answer. Gaby is stunned by when she sees Doug and Brenda in a passionate embrace.

Episode 1534
Network Ten: 03/10/1991
BBC: 30/09/1992
UK Gold: 17/09/1998

Lucy considers a career in advertising. Gaby tells her mother to leave Doug after his affair with Brenda, and Josh is seen all dressed up - who could he be meeting? Brad's detective work reveals something completely unexpected.

Episode 1535
Network Ten: 04/10/1991
BBC: 01/10/1992
UK Gold: 18/09/1998

Doug tries to convince Pam that he's not having an affair with Brenda, but he also has to convince Brenda too. Joe dreads his stag night and Glen warns Guy off Lucy after seeing Brad's photo.

Episode 1536
Network Ten: 07/10/1991
BBC: 02/10/1992
UK Gold: 21/09/1998

Joe is lured into a false sense of security by Glen and Doug, but they still have a surprise in store at the bucks night. Meanwhile a fire alarm brings Melanie's hen night to an abrupt halt.

Episode 1537
Network Ten: 08/10/1991
BBC: 05/10/1992
UK Gold: 22/09/1998

The day of Joe and Melanie's wedding has finally arrived, and Paul springs a surprise gift on Melanie by giving her a promotion. Helen is upset to find that Dorothy used her idea for the art school. Glen tries to avoid Justine's advances, and Christina goes into labour at the wedding reception.

Episode 1538
Network Ten: 09/10/1991
BBC: 06/10/1992
UK Gold: 23/09/1998

Following Christina's false alarm, Paul takes every precaution to make sure he is prepared for the birth. After a catalogue of disasters Helen and Dorothy to bury the hatchet. Cody's letter to Todd brings devastating news.

Episode 1539
Network Ten: 10/10/1991
BBC: 07/10/1992
UK Gold: 24/09/1998

Todd tries to get over the news that Cody has found another man in America. Josh's luck changes when Trish dumps him and he loses his bet with Todd. Brenda expects trouble when Pam visits her at the coffee shop, but Pam has other things on her mind.

Episode 1540
Network Ten: 11/10/1991
BBC: 08/10/1992
UK Gold: 25/09/1998

Pam worries how Doug will react to the idea of another baby, while Gaby saves Lucy from a gang of thugs. Brad notices Guy acting strangely - could steroids be the cause? Joe and Melanie return from their honeymoon to some devastating news.

Episode 1541
Network Ten: 14/10/1991
BBC: 09/10/1992
UK Gold: 28/09/1998

Joe and Melanie look for ways to raise the finances to by a house of their own. Brenda confronts Guy over his use of steroids. Toby is getting excited about his trip to England - will Joe have to disappoint him?

Episode 1542
Network Ten: 15/10/1991
BBC: 12/10/1992
UK Gold: 29/09/1998

Joe and Melanie have some news for Toby. Rosemary arrives unexpectedly with a business proposition, while Lucy makes Dorothy feel guilty for breaking Rosemary's gift to Helen. Pam is surprised by Doug's reaction to the news that she isn't pregnant.

Episode 1543
Network Ten: 16/10/1991
BBC: 13/10/1992
UK Gold: 30/09/1998

Paul is cautious about going into business with Rosemary, and Pam is at the end of her tether over Doug's obsession with having another baby. Helen is very disappointed when she finds out Lucy has been blackmailing Dorothy. Caroline attempts to play matchmaker have the desired effect on Gaby... but Glen isn't so easy to convince.

Episode 1544
Network Ten: 17/10/1991
BBC: 14/10/1992
UK Gold: 01/10/1998

Paul decides to take more interest in Christina's pregnancy, while Gaby tries to hard to attract Glen's attention. Lucy gets her just deserts, and Phoebe shames Josh by announcing her true feelings for him.

Episode 1545
Network Ten: 18/10/1991
BBC: 15/10/1992
UK Gold: 02/10/1998

Brenda tries to persuade Guy to stop taking steroids, and Josh gets the cold shoulder from Phoebe. Paul suspects Rosemary is hiding the truth, while thieves scupper Brad's new enterprise.

Episode 1546
Network Ten: 21/10/1991
BBC: 16/10/1992
UK Gold: 05/10/1998

Joe's preparations for his trip abroad are not all plain sailing. Brad reports the theft of his surfboards to the police. Just as Paul begins to trust Rosemary again, he discovers she has made a job offer to one of his staff.

Episode 1547
Network Ten: 22/10/1991
BBC: 19/10/1992
UK Gold: 06/10/1998

Paul and Christina put pressure on Caroline to make her stay at Lassiters. Gaby turns on the charm with a very special dinner, but Glen has a few tricks of his own.

Episode 1548
Network Ten: 23/10/1991
BBC: 20/10/1992
UK Gold: 07/10/1998

Joe and Melanie depart for London, and Toby moves in with Dorothy. Paul and Christina have difficulties agreeing on a name for their baby. Todd and Lucy are more than a little apprehensive when Phoebe invites them for dinner.

Episode 1549
Network Ten: 24/10/1991
BBC: 21/10/1992
UK Gold: 08/10/1998

Toby waves a tearful goodbye to Joe and Melanie at the airport. Brenda threatens to report Guy unless he can stop using steroids. Phoebe treads the boards as a budding actress and a guilty Don confides in an old friend.

Episode 1550
Network Ten: 25/10/1991
BBC: 22/10/1992
UK Gold: 09/10/1998

Helen is determined to get the full story on Dorothy's criminal record. Doug has been sending cheques to a mysterious woman - but why? Guy, Brad and Glen line up for a hotly contested cross-country race, but Brad isn't happy with the result.
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