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Neighbours Episode Guide: 1551-1575

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Episode 1551
Network Ten: 28/10/1991
BBC: 23/10/1992
UK Gold: 12/10/1998

Doug's secret is finally revealed and Brenda pleads with Brad to keep quiet about Guy. Glen finds that Gaby's nursing skills leave a lot to be desired.

Episode 1552
Network Ten: 29/10/1991
BBC: 26/10/1992
UK Gold: 13/10/1998

Guy apologises on Brenda's behalf when he finds out she tried to blackmail Dorothy. Glen gives Gaby some lessons in accounting, and there is a dispute among the cast of 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Episode 1553
Network Ten: 30/10/1991
BBC: 27/10/1992
UK Gold: 14/10/1998

Paul meets his match when he hires a new hotel manager, and Josh has second thoughts about performing in the school play. Ramsay Street is in for a shock when the Mangel house is auctioned. Caroline rings Paul from New York with some disturbing news.

Episode 1554
Network Ten: 31/10/1991
BBC: 28/10/1992
UK Gold: 15/10/1998

Caroline's career is jeopardised by her loyalty to Paul, while Lucy pulls out all the stops to get herself a job in advertising. A mysterious deposit into the Willis Construction account puzzles Doug.

Episode 1555
Network Ten: 01/11/1991
BBC: 29/10/1992
UK Gold: 16/10/1998

Caroline returns home from New York and is in for a shock. Brad suspects Guy of being the thief who stole his surfing equipment. Lucy receives an anonymous love letter and Todd decides to ask someone for a date.

Episode 1556
Network Ten: 04/11/1991
BBC: 30/10/1992
UK Gold: 19/10/1998

Brad gets a shock on the first day of his new job. Doug goes on a spending spree with an unexpected windfall. Christina is overcome by nerves caused by the imminent birth of her baby.

Episode 1557
Network Ten: 05/11/1991
BBC: 02/11/1992
UK Gold: 20/10/1998

Phoebe is thrilled that Josh is going to her birthday party, while curious Todd finally unearths Fred's real identity. Dorothy takes Toby on a fantasy journey, and Brad thinks he has a new lead on the identity of the person who stole his surfboards.

Episode 1558
Network Ten: 06/11/1991
BBC: 03/11/1992
UK Gold: 21/10/1998

Brenda's special quiches cause a coffee shop crisis. It looks as if Toby is planning to take a trip to Europe. Doug takes an old carpenter under his wing. Phoebe refuses to accept Josh's explanation for not attending her birthday party.

Episode 1559
Network Ten: 07/11/1991
BBC: 04/11/1992
UK Gold: 22/10/1998

Caroline returns to work but soon runs into problems with the new hotel manager. Brenda fears that her tuna quiche has poisoned half the community, while Lucy and Emma go head-to-head in the advertising contest.

Episode 1560
Network Ten: 08/11/1991
BBC: 05/11/1992
UK Gold: 23/10/1998

Lucy tells a lie and betrays her friend Emma. Caroline is wary of Martin Tyrell's seductive manner. Glen gets the offer of a job as a model, and Pam applies for a job as a district nurse.

Episode 1561
Network Ten: 11/11/1991
BBC: 06/11/1992
UK Gold: 26/10/1998

Glen's idea to boost business at Gaby's boutique involves a big movie star. Brad's new love lets him down. Lucy feels guilty for cheating Emma's out of the advertising agency job.

Episode 1562
Network Ten: 12/11/1991
BBC: 09/11/1992
UK Gold: 27/10/1998

Lucy makes a confession to the advertising agency, while Paul loses his cool on discovering Elizabeth Taylor has been staying at Lassiters. Glen's promotional idea proves a huge success for Gaby. Christina goes into labour - but there is trouble on the journey to the hospital.

Episode 1563
Network Ten: 13/11/1991
BBC: 10/11/1992
UK Gold: 28/10/1998

Written by Jason Daniel
Directed by Ian Watson
Guest stars
Dr Parsons: John Benton
Ice-Cream Vendor: Dino Nicolosi
Baby Robinson: Shannon Holmes
Martin Tyrell: Nicholas Bell

Paul finds a novel way to get Christina to the hospital. Josh helps Todd trace the elusive Fred. Martin helps Caroline cope with the sympathy pains, while Christina gives birth to a baby boy.

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Episode 1564
Network Ten: 14/11/1991
BBC: 11/11/1992
UK Gold: 29/10/1998

Todd makes a shocking discovery about his computer pen-friend, while Brenda looks for romance in the laundrette. Paul tries to find a way to get rid of Martin, and Guy tells Brenda about Paige.

Episode 1565
Network Ten: 15/11/1991
BBC: 12/11/1992
UK Gold: 30/10/1998

Doug makes Glen a generous offer after he solves a dispute at the building site, while Brenda's latest attempt to find a man ends in disaster. Guy searches for the evidence that will prove to Brad that his girlfriend is a thief.

Episode 1566
Network Ten: 18/11/1991
BBC: 13/11/1992
UK Gold: 02/11/1998

Glen is hesitant about making a long-term commitment to Gaby, while Brenda places a newspaper advertisement for a man. Brad learns the identity of the surfboard thief, and Paige makes a good first impression on Pam.

Episode 1567
Network Ten: 19/11/1991
BBC: 16/11/1992
UK Gold: 03/11/1998

Brad ponders whether to tell the police about his stolen surfboards - can Paige persuade him otherwise. Guy and Glen go busking, while Doug and Pam make plans for a vegetable garden. A letter from Michael makes Helen consider her future in Ramsay Street.

Episode 1568
Network Ten: 20/11/1991
BBC: 17/11/1992
UK Gold: 04/11/1998

Caroline and Martin's relationship hits a hitch. Paul makes a cool $50,00 after getting a stock-market tip from a Lassiter's guest, and Josh and Todd find themselves in deep trouble when they borrow Jim's car.

Episode 1569
Network Ten: 21/11/1991
BBC: 18/11/1992
UK Gold: 05/11/1998

Todd and Josh despair about how they will explain the disappearance of the car, and Felicity Brent plans revenge on Paul. Helen reaches a decision over her relationship with Michael.

Episode 1570
Network Ten: 22/11/1991
BBC: 19/11/1992
UK Gold: 06/11/1998

Brenda has little success when she interviews a prospective housemate. Paul confesses to Christina that his greed has led to his downfall, and Gaby makes a tired and emotional outburst to Glen.

Episode 1571
Network Ten: 25/11/1991
BBC: 20/11/1992
UK Gold: 09/11/1998

Brad finds himself in deep water and Gaby's romantic attentions turn away from Glen. Elsewhere, Josh is caught kissing Phoebe.

Episode 1572
Network Ten: 26/11/1991
BBC: 23/11/1992
UK Gold: 10/11/1998

Caroline receives some disappointing news from Martin, and Josh worries about Phoebe after his confrontation with her father. Gaby and Glen attempt to forget each other and go their separate ways.

Episode 1573
Network Ten: 27/11/1991
BBC: 24/11/1992
UK Gold: 11/11/1998

Martin decides to leave Lassiters leaving Caroline distraught, and sparks fly between Brenda and Dorothy over Toby's part time job. Helen resolves to find out why Paul has gone to America so soon after the birth.

Episode 1574
Network Ten: 28/11/1991
BBC: 25/11/1992
UK Gold: 12/11/1998

Brenda seeks revenge on Dorothy, and Lucy fears she's being stalked. Doug has some problems with his vegetable patch that is invaded by snails, but the Willis family soon have to deal with a far more unpleasant invasion.

Episode 1575
Network Ten: 29/11/1991
BBC: 26/11/1992
UK Gold: 13/11/1998

Brenda's vengeful plan backfires in spectacular fashion, and Faye resolves to teach Dorothy a lesson. Lucy is caught in a terrifying trap while delivering pamphlets for Helen.
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