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Neighbours Episode Guide: 251-275

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Episode 251
Network Ten: 12/05/1986
BBC: 21/10/1987
UK Gold: 18/10/1993

Written by Ray Kolle
Directed by Chris Langman
Guest stars
Eileen Clarke: Myra De Groot
Mrs Mangel: Vivean Gray

Daphne shows Shane the door when he attempts to justify his behaviour. Max is furious and Shane decides to call off the engagement. Eileen tries to reunite Des and Daphne.

First appearance of Gary Files as Tom Ramsay

Episode 252
Network Ten: 13/05/1986
BBC: 22/10/1987
UK Gold: 19/10/1993

Mrs Mangel is put through the wringer. Clive finds an office job for Madge, but her first morning is a disaster.

Episode 253
Network Ten: 14/05/1986
BBC: 23/10/1987
UK Gold: 20/10/1993

A new client helps Shane get over losing Daphne. Madge realises that she and Shane have had a bad education and that this is the source of all their troubles.

Episode 254
Network Ten: 15/05/1986
BBC: 26/10/1987
UK Gold: 21/10/1993

Daphne is hurt that Shane has recovered so quickly after the break-up of their engagement.

Episode 255
Network Ten: 16/05/1986
BBC: 27/10/1987
UK Gold: 22/10/1993

Madge is delighted to discover that she has a secret admirer.

Episode 256
Network Ten: 19/05/1986
BBC: 28/10/1987
UK Gold: 25/10/1993

Des hires Clive's services when he decides to go courting. Helen catches Debra kissing Shane. Jim continues to protect his relationship with Zoe while he can.

Episode 257
Network Ten: 20/05/1986
BBC: 29/10/1987
UK Gold: 26/10/1993

Des helps Daphne move into the coffee shop. Clive tries to convince Des that if he wants to win over Daphne, he will have to be more assertive.

Episode 258
Network Ten: 21/05/1986
BBC: 30/10/1987
UK Gold: 27/10/1993

Andrea gets a job and Paul gets caught out. The conflict between Paul, Helen and the Flemings gets so that Paul refuses to do business with them.

Episode 259
Network Ten: 22/05/1986
BBC: 02/11/1987
UK Gold: 28/10/1993

Zoe gets a threatening letter, and Scott gets closer to Charlene. The way Debra has treated him hurts Shane. He starts to drink a bit much and seeks consolation with Paul.

Episode 260
Network Ten: 23/05/1986
BBC: 03/11/1987
UK Gold: 29/10/1993

Jim has some important news. Clive's attempts to reconcile Des and Daphne do not come to fruition. Daphne is shocked by Des's lack of romanticism.

Episode 261
Network Ten: 26/05/1986
BBC: 04/11/1987
UK Gold: 01/11/1993

Madge and Charlene are finding it hard to get on with each other. Danny, jealous of the friendship between Tom and Mike, succeeds in convincing Tom to give him golf lessons.

Episode 262
Network Ten: 27/05/1986
BBC: 05/11/1987
UK Gold: 02/11/1993

Jim is worried about Lucy and gets angry when he learns what happened. Zoe considers ending her relationship with Jim after he blames her for Lucy's predicament.

Episode 263
Network Ten: 28/05/1986
BBC: 06/11/1987
UK Gold: 03/11/1993

Zoe finally realises that her relationship with Jim is over. Everyone at the Robinson house is pleased to learn that Lucy will completely recover.

Episode 264
Network Ten: 29/05/1986
BBC: 09/11/1987
UK Gold: 04/11/1993

Jim tries to come to terms with losing Zoe, and Bradley is upset to learn that his mother is considering marrying Jack. Tom continues to train Mike. Danny and Shane are fed up of hearing about his achievements.

Episode 265
Network Ten: 30/05/1986
BBC: 10/11/1987
UK Gold: 05/11/1993

Written by Christine McCourt
Directed by Paul Moloney
Guest stars
Jack: Alan Hopgood

Charlene turns to Madge for advice after refuses to prescribe the pill for her. He asks Daphne to help him to reason with her.

Episode 266
Network Ten: 02/06/1986
BBC: 11/11/1987
UK Gold: 08/11/1993

Written by Philip Ryall
Directed by Andrew Friedman
Guest stars
Jack: Alan Hopgood

Scott abandons Charlene when she honestly confesses he's not the first man in her life.

Episode 267
Network Ten: 03/06/1986
BBC: 12/11/1987
UK Gold: 09/11/1993

Charlene moves back to the Ramsay household. Madge tells Charlene that it is her choice as to whether she should have an abortion.

Episode 268
Network Ten: 04/06/1986
BBC: 13/11/1987
UK Gold: 10/11/1993

Charlene is shattered when she hears that her father does not want her to come home. Charlene and Scott attempt to sort out their differences. Clive feels a little ill after eating too much.

Episode 269
Network Ten: 05/06/1986
BBC: 16/11/1987
UK Gold: 11/11/1993

Shane makes a fateful decision after being influenced by Tom's enthusiasm for Mike's diving activities. Charlene is concerned by her father's confession that he does not want her back with him. Tom renews his efforts to find Madge a husband.

Episode 270
Network Ten: 06/06/1986
BBC: 17/11/1987
UK Gold: 12/11/1993

To the great relief of Tom, Shane succeeds in performing a flawless dive at the contest. Shane also has greater confidence in himself.

Episode 271
Network Ten: 09/06/1986
BBC: 18/11/1987
UK Gold: 15/11/1993

Andrea has to choose between Bradley and Jack, but her maternal instinct is the strongest and she abandons the idea of a relationship with Jack.

Episode 272
Network Ten: 10/06/1986
BBC: 19/11/1987
UK Gold: 16/11/1993

Guest stars include
Jean Richards: Margot Knight

Nikki enlists Charlene's help for her secret date. / Tom immediately falls in love with Jean, his teacher. He tries to impress her but it has the reverse effect.

Episode 273
Network Ten: 11/06/1986
BBC: 20/11/1987
UK Gold: 17/11/1993

Zoe returns with a secret. Nikki loses her confidence when Grant Kenny arrives and she is tense all evening. Jack and Andrea are getting along better and better.

Episode 274
Network Ten: 12/06/1986
BBC: 23/11/1987
UK Gold: 18/11/1993

Bradley doesn't like either the relationship between his Mum and Jack nor the relationship between Des and Daphne. He doesn't think that anyone is devoting enough time to him. Bradley and Lucy announce their engagement.

Episode 275
Network Ten: 13/06/1986
BBC: 24/11/1987
UK Gold: 19/11/1993

Jim makes an important decision about his unborn child. Des attempts to convince Zoe to reconsider marrying Jim, but Zoe repeats that their relationship is over. A confrontation takes place between the couple; the scene is so painful that Zoe wonders if it is time for her to leave Ramsay Street.
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