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Neighbours Episode Guide: 276-300

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Episode 276
Network Ten: 16/06/1986
BBC: 25/11/1987
UK Gold: 22/11/1993

Mrs Mangel wastes no time in living up to her reputation, as she spreads gossip about Nikki's innocent meeting with Jimmy Stark. This causes her humiliation at school, and Mike is the only one to defend her. Zoe is rushed to hospital after she faints.

Episode 277
Network Ten: 17/06/1986
BBC: 26/11/1987
UK Gold: 23/11/1993

Nikki is flattered by Mike's efforts to defend her. While collecting money for charity, Mike, Nikki, Scott and Charlene are shocked by Mrs York's strange attitude.

Episode 278
Network Ten: 18/06/1986
BBC: 27/11/1987
UK Gold: 24/11/1993

Details to follow

Episode 279
Network Ten: 19/06/1986
BBC: 30/11/1987
UK Gold: 25/11/1993

Des takes advantage of Eileen's absence, who has gone on touring the world with George, to make some arrangements for Andrea and Bradley to stay a little longer at her house. Des proposes.

Episode 280
Network Ten: 20/06/1986
BBC: 01/12/1987
UK Gold: 26/11/1993

Madge is shocked when she learns of Mrs York's disastrous financial situation.

Episode 281
Network Ten: 23/06/1986
BBC: 02/12/1987
UK Gold: 29/11/1993

With Jack's approval, Clive decides to organise a sale in front on the coffee shop. Mrs Mangel is outraged and calls the police. Bradley has mixed reactions to his mother's engagement.

Episode 282
Network Ten: 24/06/1986
BBC: 03/12/1987
UK Gold: 30/11/1993

Clive's street sale causes outrage. Jack decides to sell the Lassiters complex, against Andrea's wishes. Debra tries to talk to Shane.

Episode 283
Network Ten: 25/06/1986
BBC: 04/12/1987
UK Gold: 01/12/1993

Clive and Helen break down Mrs York's door and take her to hospital after finding her lying on the floor suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. Andrea continues to brood over Jack's decision, while Des and Daphne name the day.

Episode 284
Network Ten: 26/06/1986
BBC: 07/12/1987
UK Gold: 02/12/1993

Zoe is discharged from hospital. When returned to her house, Mrs York is very touched by the kindness shown by her neighbours. But when Madge and Clive go to visit her, they find that she has died.

Episode 285
Network Ten: 27/06/1986
BBC: 08/12/1987
UK Gold: 03/12/1993

Debra tries to cause trouble between Shane and Paul. Paul has problems with the Lassiter's complex. Shane pays his expenses.

Episode 286
Network Ten: 30/06/1986
BBC: 09/12/1987
UK Gold: 06/12/1993

Paul loses his temper with Shane after a disaster at Lassiters. Mrs York's funeral darkens the atmosphere in Ramsay Street. The conflict between Nikki and Mike worsens.

Episode 287
Network Ten: 01/07/1986
BBC: 10/12/1987
UK Gold: 07/12/1993

Paul hires a private detective to check on Debra, reluctant to believe that she is responsible for Shane's sacking. Madge holds a funeral party. Helen returns with bad news about Laura's health - she has multiple sclerosis.

Episode 288
Network Ten: 02/07/1986
BBC: 11/12/1987
UK Gold: 08/12/1993

Madge is persuaded to accept Fred's dinner invitation. Nikki leaves Ramsay Street to join her sick mother in Charleville. She regrets that she doesn't have the time to resolve her differences with Mike, but Mike doesn't miss her for long as he can't resist Cassie's charms.

Episode 289
Network Ten: 03/07/1986
BBC: 14/12/1987
UK Gold: 09/12/1993

Helen has to comfort Lucy after a death in the family.

Episode 290
Network Ten: 04/07/1986
BBC: 15/12/1987
UK Gold: 10/12/1993

Mike makes a surprise discovery about his girlfriend. Madge and Tom argue over the help that Madge has given Fred. Cassie argues with Mike over his career.

Episode 291
Network Ten: 07/07/1986
BBC: 16/12/1987
UK Gold: 13/12/1993

Madge and Tom clash over Fred. Jean is stunned when her husband tells her that Tom is fond of her. This situation puts all three of them in an awkward position.

Episode 292
Network Ten: 08/07/1986
BBC: 17/12/1987
UK Gold: 14/12/1993

Zoe believes that Clive is hiding a secret love. Madge is worried about Charlene leaving, she is a bit happier that Mike is in Manly too though as he should keep her safe.

Episode 293
Network Ten: 09/07/1986
BBC: 18/12/1987
UK Gold: 15/12/1993

Charlene and Scott have a furious row with Mike and Cassie.

Episode 294
Network Ten: 10/07/1986
BBC: 21/12/1987
UK Gold: 16/12/1993

Written by Ginny Lowndes
Directed by Clive Fleury
Guest stars
Mrs. Mangel: Vivean Gray
Debra Fleming: Charm Lee
Cassie Campbell: Margaret Umbers
Celebrant: Alan Rowe

Mike, Charlene and Scott are reunited after Mike finishes with Cassie.

Manly Location Director: Richard Sarell
Note: Celebrant's name is Gary Thomas

Episode 295
Network Ten: 11/07/1986
BBC: 22/12/1987
UK Gold: 17/12/1993

Written by Ysabelle Dean
Directed by Clive Fleury
Guest stars
Jean Richards: Margot Knight
Mrs. Mangel: Vivean Gray
Harry Henderson: Johnny Lockwood
Tony Chapman: Peter Bensley
Clergyman: James Wright

As Des and Daphne's big day finally arrives, a surprise visitor turns up just in time for the celebration.

Available on the Neighbours: Defining Moments DVD collection.

Episode 296
Network Ten: 14/07/1986
BBC: 23/12/1987
UK Gold: 20/12/1993

Madge and Charlene have a big showdown on the day of Daphne's wedding.

Episode 297
Network Ten: 15/07/1986
BBC: 24/12/1987
UK Gold: 21/12/1993

Shane finds himself in big trouble after the accident, and Zoe and Tony's romance blossoms.

Episode 298
Network Ten: 16/07/1986
BBC: 29/12/1987
UK Gold: 22/12/1993

Jim receives an interesting phone call from overseas.

Episode 299
Network Ten: 17/07/1986
BBC: 30/12/1987
UK Gold: 23/12/1993

When Clive's brother and his family move in, Mike decides to move out. Paul is jealous of Zoe's date.

Episode 300
Network Ten: 18/07/1986
BBC: 31/12/1987
UK Gold: 24/12/1993

Zoe hires Clive to deliver a message to Paul. Shane becomes desperate in his search for the elusive witness.
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