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Neighbours Episode Guide: 376-400

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Episode 376
Network Ten: 03/11/1986
BBC: 15/04/1988
UK Gold: 11/04/1994

Paul makes Madge an offer.

Episode 377
Network Ten: 04/11/1986
BBC: 18/04/1988
UK Gold: 12/04/1994

Lucy finds it increasingly difficult to keep her secret.

Episode 378
Network Ten: 05/11/1986
BBC: 19/04/1988
UK Gold: 13/04/1994

Scott has a few tricks up his sleeves.

Episode 379
Network Ten: 06/11/1986
BBC: 20/04/1988
UK Gold: 14/04/1994

Shane and Jane's disappearance causes concern.

Episode 380
Network Ten: 07/11/1986
BBC: 21/04/1988
UK Gold: 15/04/1994

The wanderers return to a warm reception after a long night in the bush.

Episode 381
Network Ten: 10/11/1986
BBC: 22/04/1988
UK Gold: 18/04/1994

A jealous fantasy looks like becoming a reality.

Episode 382
Network Ten: 11/11/1986
BBC: 25/04/1988
UK Gold: 19/04/1994

Details to follow

Episode 383
Network Ten: 12/11/1986
BBC: 26/04/1988
UK Gold: 20/04/1994

Helen's unexpected return from America is shrouded in mystery.

Episode 384
Network Ten: 13/11/1986
BBC: 27/04/1988
UK Gold: 21/04/1994

Shane gets more than he bargained for when he asks for a bank loan.

Episode 385
Network Ten: 14/11/1986
BBC: 28/04/1988
UK Gold: 22/04/1994

Guest stars include
Kelly Morgan: Jodie Yemm

The purse-snatcher is unmasked.

Episode 386
Network Ten: 17/11/1986
BBC: 29/04/1988
UK Gold: 25/04/1994

Daphne's decision to take Kelly under her wing meets with general disapproval.

Episode 387
Network Ten: 18/11/1986
BBC: 02/05/1988
UK Gold: 26/04/1994

Kelly proceeds to cause havoc.

Episode 388
Network Ten: 19/11/1986
BBC: 03/05/1988
UK Gold: 27/04/1994

Jane has to choose between Mike and Shane.

Episode 389
Network Ten: 20/11/1986
BBC: 04/05/1988
UK Gold: 28/04/1994

Des develops a mysterious craving for pickled onions.

Episode 390
Network Ten: 21/11/1986
BBC: 05/05/1988
UK Gold: 29/04/1994

Guest stars include
Nikki: Charlene Fenn

Helen gets a phone call from America.

Episode 391
Network Ten: 24/11/1986
BBC: 06/05/1988
UK Gold: 02/05/1994

Written by Rick Maier/Betty Quin
Directed by Peter Andrikidis
Guest stars
Baby Sam: Thomas Hamston

Susan and Clive agree on a wedding date.

Stunt performed by: Glen Ruehland New Generation Stunts

Episode 392
Network Ten: 25/11/1986
BBC: 09/05/1988
UK Gold: 03/05/1994

Written by Tarquin Scott
Directed by Peter Andrikidis
Guest stars
Baby Sam: Thomas Hamston
Dr. Leeman: Angela Disher

Scott has to undergo immediate surgery.

The Producers wish to thank: Ambulance Service Of Melbourne

Episode 393
Network Ten: 26/11/1986
BBC: 10/05/1988
UK Gold: 04/05/1994

Jane rekindles her old relationship with Mike.

Episode 394
Network Ten: 27/11/1986
BBC: 11/05/1988
UK Gold: 05/05/1994

An unexpected visitor causes a disturbance at the coffee shop.

Episode 395
Network Ten: 28/11/1986
BBC: 12/05/1988
UK Gold: 06/05/1994

Daphne stands bail for Kelly.

Episode 396
Network Ten: 01/12/1986
BBC: 13/05/1988
UK Gold: 09/05/1994

Details to follow

Episode 397
Network Ten: 02/12/1986
BBC: 16/05/1988
UK Gold: 10/05/1994

Charlene and Kelly form an unlikely alliance as they both look for work.

Episode 398
Network Ten: 03/12/1986
BBC: 17/05/1988
UK Gold: 11/05/1994

Details to follow

Episode 399
Network Ten: 04/12/1986
BBC: 18/05/1988
UK Gold: 12/05/1994

A training session in the gym develops into a tense confrontation.

Episode 400
Network Ten: 05/12/1986
BBC: 19/05/1988
UK Gold: 13/05/1994

Written by David Phillips
Directed by Mark Callan
Guest stars
Dan: Syd Conabere

1986 Series Finale
Details to follow
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