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Neighbours Episode Guide: 401-425

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Episode 401
Network Ten: 12/01/1987
BBC: 20/05/1988
UK Gold: 16/05/1994

1987 Series Return
Jim expects Scott to repeat a school year.

Episode 402
Network Ten: 13/01/1987
BBC: 23/05/1988
UK Gold: 17/05/1994

Scott sees his brother in new light when Paul buys him a car.

Episode 403
Network Ten: 14/01/1987
BBC: 24/05/1988
UK Gold: 18/05/1994

The Robinsons suspect that Reverend Price has something to do with Helen's disappearance.

Episode 404
Network Ten: 15/01/1987
BBC: 25/05/1988
UK Gold: 19/05/1994

Details to follow

Episode 405
Network Ten: 16/01/1987
BBC: 26/05/1988
UK Gold: 20/05/1994

Madge is left money in a will.

Episode 406
Network Ten: 19/01/1987
BBC: 27/05/1988
UK Gold: 23/05/1994

Helen appears to have made a full recovery.

Episode 407
Network Ten: 20/01/1987
BBC: 30/05/1988
UK Gold: 24/05/1994

Written by Chris McCourt
Directed by Andrew Friedman
Guest stars
Kelly Morgan: Jodie Yemm
Dan Ramsay: Syd Conabere

Details to follow

Episode 408
Network Ten: 21/01/1987
BBC: 31/05/1988
UK Gold: 25/05/1994

Daphne and Madge begin to scheme for Clive and Susan's wedding.

Episode 409
Network Ten: 22/01/1987
BBC: 01/06/1988
UK Gold: 26/05/1994

Susan is forced to admit her true feelings for Paul.

Episode 410
Network Ten: 23/01/1987
BBC: 02/06/1988
UK Gold: 27/05/1994

Details to follow

Episode 411
Network Ten: 26/01/1987
BBC: 03/06/1988
UK Gold: 30/05/1994

Clive blames Paul for Susan's sudden disappearance.

Episode 412
Network Ten: 27/01/1987
BBC: 06/06/1988
UK Gold: 31/05/1994

Clive and Paul have a fiery confrontation over Susan.

Episode 413
Network Ten: 28/01/1987
BBC: 07/06/1988
UK Gold: 01/06/1994

Clive accuses Paul of ruining his life.

Episode 414
Network Ten: 29/01/1987
BBC: 08/06/1988
UK Gold: 02/06/1994

Paul offers Mrs Mangel a full time job at Lassiter's.

Episode 415
Network Ten: 30/01/1987
BBC: 09/06/1988
UK Gold: 03/06/1994

Written by Greg Millin
Directed by Peter Andrikidis
Guest stars
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith

Fuddy-duddy Harold Bishop arrives in Ramsay Street.

Available on the Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 1 DVD collection.

Episode 416
Network Ten: 02/02/1987
BBC: 10/06/1988
UK Gold: 06/06/1994

Written by John Upton
Directed by Mark Callan
Guest stars
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith

Madge is upset to learn that Charlene still has ambitions to be a motor mechanic.

Episode 417
Network Ten: 03/02/1987
BBC: 13/06/1988
UK Gold: 07/06/1994

Written by John Linton
Directed by Mark Callan
Guest stars
Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Gerard Singer: Bryan Marshall

Helen faces a dilemma when Gerard admits his feelings for her.

Episode 418
Network Ten: 04/02/1987
BBC: 14/06/1988
UK Gold: 08/06/1994

Lucy holds Mike responsible for a death in the family.

Episode 419
Network Ten: 05/02/1987
BBC: 15/06/1988
UK Gold: 09/06/1994

Scott's first article has widespread repercussions in Ramsay Street.

Episode 420
Network Ten: 06/02/1987
BBC: 16/06/1988
UK Gold: 10/06/1994

Des and Daphne have a showdown that sees Des thrown out of his house.

Episode 421
Network Ten: 09/02/1987
BBC: 17/06/1988
UK Gold: 13/06/1994

Details to follow

Episode 422
Network Ten: 10/02/1987
BBC: 20/06/1988
UK Gold: 14/06/1994

Details to follow

Episode 423
Network Ten: 11/02/1987
BBC: 21/06/1988
UK Gold: 15/06/1994

Details to follow

Episode 424
Network Ten: 12/02/1987
BBC: 22/06/1988
UK Gold: 16/06/1994

Written by Chris McCourt
Directed by Tony Osicka
Guest stars
Eileen Clarke: Myra De Groot
Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Darren Porter: Con Mathios
Gary West: Jon Geros

Details to follow

Joy Chambers dressed exclusively by: Ninette Trading

Episode 425
Network Ten: 13/02/1987
BBC: 23/06/1988
UK Gold: 17/06/1994

Details to follow
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