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Neighbours Episode Guide: 6126-6150

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Episode 6126
Eleven: 28/03/2011
Five: 25/04/2011

Kate is upset when she spies Jade and Brennan having a cosy lunch together. Meanwhile, Callum seeks Dr Karl's professional opinion regarding his nightmares.

Episode 6127
Eleven: 29/03/2011
Five: 26/04/2011

Andrew tries to distract himself from his women problems by organising an all-ages dance party. Meanwhile, Kate is devastated after losing Brennan's respect as well as Jade's friendship.

Episode 6128
Eleven: 30/03/2011
Five: 27/04/2011

Despite knowing about Thomas's dodgy dealings, Andrew forges ahead with their partnership. When Summer becomes involved, things get more complicated. Meanwhile, Karl and Lyn share an awkward moment.

Episode 6129
Eleven: 31/03/2011
Five: 28/04/2011

Tash finds an unlikely friend in Chris, much to Summer's disapproval. Meanwhile, Jade becomes frustrated with Lucas and Kyle's goofball antics.

Episode 6130
Eleven: 01/04/2011
Five: 29/04/2011

Toadie and Sonya are relieved Callum's nightmares appear to have stopped but Callum is not happy with an incomplete picture. He comes up with a much more drastic plan to uncover the truth.

Episode 6131
Eleven: 04/04/2011
Five: 02/05/2011

Callum continues to search for his mother's true identity, but will his mission put him in danger? Meanwhile, the girls and guys of Erinsborough struggle with the new arrangement of the Men's Shed.

Episode 6132
Eleven: 05/04/2011
Five: 03/05/2011

Overcome with guilt, Sonya decides to reveal her secret, but Callum beats her to the punch by waking up and identifying her as his real mother. Meanwhile, Tash and Summer both try to find Chris a date.

Episode 6133
Eleven: 06/04/2011
Five: 04/05/2011

Libby is back! With her new, positive attitude, she strolls into Harold's Store and runs straight into her old pal, Toadie, who has never needed a friend with a sympathetic ear more than now.

Episode 6134
Eleven: 07/04/2011
Five: 05/05/2011

Lucas is caught in the middle when Jade asks if she and Sonya can stay with him. Will he choose loyalty to Toadie over his homeless friends? Meanwhile, Kyle turns to Jade for some quick cash.

Episode 6135
Eleven: 08/04/2011
Five: 06/05/2011

Tickets to Andrew's party are selling like hotcakes, but the event soon comes under scrutiny from the police. Meanwhile, Kate is surprised to discover Brennan and Kyle competing for her attention.

Episode 6136
Eleven: 11/04/2011
Five: 09/05/2011

Worried about what Andrew might be hiding, Tash goes behind Michael's back and sneaks into the party. Meanwhile, the Kennedys try to cheer up Toadie, but inadvertently do more harm than good.

Episode 6137
Eleven: 12/04/2011
Five: 10/05/2011

Overwhelmed with guilt and pressured by the police, Andrew comes clean about Tomas. Paul is furious but worst of all, Summer is disappointed. Meanwhile, Kyle finally manages to impress Jade.

Episode 6138
Eleven: 13/04/2011
Five: 11/05/2011

Callum comes home from hospital but all he wants is answers from his biological mother. When Toadie is no help, he turns to Paul who sets up a secret rendezvous with Sonya.

Episode 6139
Eleven: 14/04/2011
Five: 12/05/2011

Toadie's threat sends Sonya to the edge. Will she be tempted by her old demons and turn to alcohol again? Meanwhile, Kate helps Kyle plan and save for his handyman business.

Episode 6140
Eleven: 15/04/2011
Five: 13/05/2011

When Callum gets into trouble at school and Libby can't contact Toadie, she is left with no option but to call Sonya. Meanwhile, Brennan becomes jealous when he sees Kate and Kyle having breakfast.

Episode 6141
Eleven: 18/04/2011
Five: 16/05/2011

Stung by how little Summer respects him now, Andrew commits himself to an intensive study day being held at the local university. Meanwhile, Toadie and Mark struggle with their living situation.

Episode 6142
Eleven: 19/04/2011
Five: 17/05/2011

Toadie wrestles with his conscience as he continues to hide the family memorabilia willed to Callum by his Great Gran. Tash sets about mending her severed friendships with Summer and Andrew.

Episode 6143
Eleven: 20/04/2011
Five: 18/05/2011

Mark is determined to win back Kate's affections but finds himself drawn into helping Callum in the aftermath of his latest run-in with Sonya.

Episode 6144
Eleven: 21/04/2011
Five: 19/05/2011

Kate feels torn between two men, but with Jade in her ear, she considers Kyle as a real possibility to help her get over Mark. Meanwhile, Susan feels lost in her empty house.

Episode 6145
Eleven: 22/04/2011
Five: 20/05/2011

When Paul enlists Libby's help to reinstate Lassiters Lunches at the school, she is forced to re-evaluate her new outlook on life. Meanwhile, Kate goes on a date with Kyle.

Episode 6146
Eleven: 25/04/2011
Five: 23/05/2011

Determined to prove her new forgiving outlook on life is more than just a phase, Libby finds herself seconding Paul's nomination to the School Board. Not surprisingly, Michael objects.

Episode 6147
Eleven: 26/04/2011
Five: 24/05/2011

Chris and Tash are ready to put their plan into action, but will Summer and Andrew be willing puppets? Meanwhile, Libby is torn between good and evil when Paul makes her a very tempting offer.

Episode 6148
Eleven: 27/04/2011
Five: 25/05/2011

At the "party of the year", Andrew makes a fashionably late arrival and wastes no time hooking up with the host, Lisa, much to Tash and Summer's disgust. Meanwhile, Brennan and Kyle continue to clash.

Episode 6149
Eleven: 28/04/2011
Five: 26/05/2011

As tensions escalate between Toadie and Sonya, Lucas is determined not to get caught in the cross-fire. Meanwhile, Brennan quizzes Constable Holland about Kyle’s allegations.

Episode 6150
Eleven: 29/04/2011
Five: 27/05/2011

Despite realising Sonya's love for him was real, Toadie is still torn as to whether or not he can forgive her. Meanwhile, Kyle attempts to get on Lyn's good side so she will offer him her spare room.
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