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Neighbours Episode Guide: 6151-6175

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Episode 6151
Eleven: 02/05/2011
Five: 30/05/2011

After giving Callum her police file, Sonya frets that he won't like what he finds. Summer is stressed out with school work and Kyle moving in isn't helping.

Episode 6152
Eleven: 03/05/2011
Five: 31/05/2011

After being snubbed by his workmates for turning in one of their own, Brennan wrestles with the injustice within the police force. Meanwhile, Sonya struggles with her impossible promise to Callum.

Episode 6153
Eleven: 04/05/2011
Five: 01/06/2011

Libby is determined to regain control of her life and the first thing on her "to do" list is become school principal. Meanwhile, Brennan regrets his night with Jade and contemplates telling Kate.

Episode 6154
Eleven: 05/05/2011
Five: 02/06/2011

Determined to become Principal of Erinsborough High, despite a lack of support, Libby embarks on her plan to let Michael sabotage himself. Meanwhile Sophie asks Lisa for a style makeover.

Episode 6155
Eleven: 06/05/2011
Five: 03/06/2011

Haunted by his lingering feelings for Sonya, Toadie seeks advice from Karl and Susan. Meanwhile, Tash vows to take Lisa down as payback for tormenting Summer.

Episode 6156
Eleven: 09/05/2011
Five: 06/06/2011

Torn about Sonya and in desperate need of advice, Toadie is buoyed by Harold's return. Meanwhile, Jade finds an ally in Kyle who shares her no-strings attitude to relationships.

Episode 6157
Eleven: 10/05/2011
Five: 07/06/2011

As Toadie explains to Callum why he and Sonya wont be reconciling, the three deal with their hurt in different ways. Meanwhile, Jade is concerned by her growing feelings for Kyle.

Episode 6158
Eleven: 11/05/2011
Five: 08/06/2011

Libby sticks to her plan to give Michael enough rope to hang himself, but interference from Paul might just give her a change of heart. Meanwhile, Sonya is torn when Troy asks to meet his son.

Episode 6159
Eleven: 12/05/2011
Five: 09/06/2011

There is great unrest at the school after Andrew sets up a Facebook page encouraging students to wear a uniform, and Michael must concede that the policy is a failure.

Episode 6160
Eleven: 13/05/2011
Five: 10/06/2011

Lyn refuses to acknowledge there's something deeply troubling about Charlie's behaviour and takes her frustration out on Sophie. Meanwhile, Karl resolves to introduce more spice into Libby's life.

Episode 6161
Eleven: 16/05/2011
Five: 13/06/2011

As Sonya and Troy continue to grow closer, Jade and Toadie become more and more concerned. Meanwhile, Lyn focuses on finding a solution to Charlie's misbehaviour.

Episode 6162
Eleven: 17/05/2011
Five: 14/06/2011

Devastated by Lyn's announcement, Summer turns to Andrew to help her find a way to stay in Erinsborough. Meanwhile, Callum meets Troy but doesn't realise that this mysterious man is his real father.

Episode 6163
Eleven: 18/05/2011
Five: 15/06/2011

Kyle's search for a housemate sparks Brennan's jealousy when he realises how close (both geographically and emotionally) Kyle is getting to Kate. Meanwhile, Summer is still hurt by Andrew's rejection.

Episode 6164
Eleven: 19/05/2011
Five: 16/06/2011

Kate is furious when she discovers the truth behind Jade and Brennan's tryst. Meanwhile, Libby continues her fake relationship with Lucas to annoy Karl.

Episode 6165
Eleven: 20/05/2011
Five: 17/06/2011

Discovering a shared passion for comedy, Callum and Troy bond easily, much to Toadie's disappointment. Sonya feels a stirring of old feelings for her former flame, but is he really a changed man?

Episode 6166
Eleven: 23/05/2011
Five: 20/06/2011

Toadie makes the brave decision to put aside his insecurities and allow Callum to spend the day with Troy. Meanwhile, Chris tries to cheer up Summer by making a farewell DVD.

Episode 6167
Eleven: 24/05/2011
Five: 21/06/2011

As Harold reveals details of his own new romance, Toadie is forced to admit he still has feelings for Sonya. Meanwhile, Brennan turns to Kyle for help.

Episode 6168
Eleven: 25/05/2011
Five: 22/06/2011

Summer's friends are determined to make her last day in Erinsborough as enjoyable as possible, but will Andrew's noticeable absence spoil her farewell?

Episode 6169
Eleven: 26/05/2011
Five: 23/06/2011

Lyn refuses to let Summer entertain the idea of staying in town but Summer won't back down. Meanwhile, Michael questions Libby's desire to be principal, and inadvertently reveals her insecurities.

Episode 6170
Eleven: 27/05/2011
Five: 24/06/2011

Taking Michael's advice a little too literally, Libby decides to move out of home to prove she is her own woman. Meanwhile, Paul tries to reconnect with the Ramsays, but he is bluntly rejected by Kate.

Episode 6171
Eleven: 20/05/2011
Five: 27/06/2011

Details to follow

Episode 6172
Eleven: 31/05/2011
Five: 28/06/2011

Details to follow

Episode 6173
Eleven: 01/06/2011
Five: 29/06/2011

Details to follow

Episode 6174
Eleven: 02/06/2011
Five: 30/06/2011

Details to follow

Episode 6175
Eleven: 03/06/2011
Five: 01/07/2011

Details to follow
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