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Neighbours Episode Guide: 676-700

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Episode 676
Network Ten: 07/03/1988
BBC: 13/06/1989
UK Gold: 05/06/1995

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Episode 677
Network Ten: 08/03/1988
BBC: 14/06/1989
UK Gold: 06/06/1995

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Episode 678
Network Ten: 09/03/1988
BBC: 15/06/1989
UK Gold: 07/06/1995

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Episode 679
Network Ten: 10/03/1988
BBC: 16/06/1989
UK Gold: 08/06/1995

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Episode 680
Network Ten: 11/03/1988
BBC: 19/06/1989
UK Gold: 09/06/1995

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Episode 681
Network Ten: 14/03/1988
BBC: 20/06/1989
UK Gold: 12/06/1995

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Episode 682
Network Ten: 15/03/1988
BBC: 21/06/1989
UK Gold: 13/06/1995

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Episode 683
Network Ten: 16/03/1988
BBC: 22/06/1989
UK Gold: 14/06/1995

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Episode 684
Network Ten: 17/03/1988
BBC: 23/06/1989
UK Gold: 15/06/1995

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Episode 685
Network Ten: 18/03/1988
BBC: 26/06/1989
UK Gold: 16/06/1995

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Episode 686
Network Ten: 21/03/1988
BBC: 27/06/1989
UK Gold: 19/06/1995

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Episode 687
Network Ten: 22/03/1988
BBC: 28/06/1989
UK Gold: 20/06/1995

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Episode 688
Network Ten: 23/03/1988
BBC: 29/06/1989
UK Gold: 21/06/1995

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Episode 689
Network Ten: 24/03/1988
BBC: 30/06/1989
UK Gold: 22/06/1995

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Episode 690
Network Ten: 25/03/1988
BBC: 03/07/1989
UK Gold: 23/06/1995

Written by Wayne Doyle
Directed by Gary Conway
Guest stars
Eileen Clarke: Myra De Groot
Tony Romeo: Nick Carrafa
Frank Darcy: Wyn Roberts
Dave Summers: Greg Fleet
Ted Regan: Julian Branagan
Nurse Rodgers: Mary-Rose Casey

Charlene and Jane help catch the guys who bumped into Daphne's car, and the driver of the car is arrested. Helen and Frank admit their feelings toward each other before Frank goes back to the Bungle-Bungles. Daphne appears to be coming round, but Des' hopes are shattered when she suffers a cardiac arrest and dies.

Medical Equipment supplied by Wallace Instruments
Thanks to Burvale Hotel
Available on the Neighbours: Defining Moments DVD collection.

Scene from episode 690

Episode 691
Network Ten: 28/03/1988
BBC: 04/07/1989
UK Gold: 26/06/1995

Daphne is buried, but Des makes it clear he won't forget her. Everyone in Ramsay Street is looking after Des and Jamie. The only problem is Des. He won't leave Daphne's graveside, and he is irritable about everything. He does not even have time for poor Jamie.

Episode 692
Network Ten: 29/03/1988
BBC: 05/07/1989
UK Gold: 27/06/1995

Mrs. Mangel prepares for the divorce hearing. Des apologises to Mike but he is still devastated by Daphne's death. Paul, Jim and Mike take Des to the waterhole for a drink, but he does not even finish his drink and leaves them to visit his wife's grave again. Eileen is recuperating, while Madge and Beverley take turns to look after Jamie.

Episode 693
Network Ten: 30/03/1988
BBC: 06/07/1989
UK Gold: 28/06/1995

Mike manages to talk some sense to Des, who finally wakes up to himself and has to accept that Daphne is dead. Mrs. Mangel wins the fight with her husband and keeps her home. Out of guilt Madge confesses to Harold that she was seeing someone behind his back while in Brisbane. In the middle of the confession the man in question walks in.

Episode 694
Network Ten: 31/03/1988
BBC: 07/07/1989
UK Gold: 29/06/1995

Guest stars include
Lou Carpenter: Tom Oliver

Madge's 'other man' turns up and announces that he's going to marry Madge. Harold is upset to find out that the man is Lou Carpenter, a man he really dislikes.

Episode 695
Network Ten: 01/04/1988
BBC: 10/07/1989
UK Gold: 30/06/1995

Scott terminates his partnership with Henry and applies for a job as an engineering clerk at Jim's company. Lou Carpenter picks a fight with Harold not knowing that he has been taking karate lessons from Tony. Will Harold and Lou begin a fight at the Coffee Shop?

Episode 696
Network Ten: 04/04/1988
BBC: 11/07/1989
UK Gold: 03/07/1995

Harold punches Lou and knocks him out. Jim tells Beverly that he doesn't want any more children. Madge throws water over Lou and Harold when they argue in her driveway.

Episode 697
Network Ten: 05/04/1988
BBC: 12/07/1989
UK Gold: 04/07/1995

Lou reminds Henry of Fred. Harold decides he no longer loves Madge and calls his engagement off, while Lou Carpenter finds himself a new girlfriend. It's back to square one for Madge, as she is alone again.

Episode 698
Network Ten: 06/04/1988
BBC: 13/07/1989
UK Gold: 05/07/1995

Guest stars include
Tony Romeo: Nick Carrafa

Madge accepts Harold's proposal again, and he tells her that he'll marry her in a month's time. Jane is given a lecture about her neglecting Mike, and later Mike confesses to Jane that he misses Daphne. Jane and Tony win a dance competition.

Episode 699
Network Ten: 07/04/1988
BBC: 14/07/1989
UK Gold: 06/07/1995

Guest stars include
Ross Warner: Tim Hughes

Scott gets a job at Jim's business, and is introduced to Jim's partner, Ross. Tony is upset when Jane breaks up the dancing partnership. Des goes back to work, and Sally takes over looking after Jamie. Ross catches Scott spying on him.

Episode 700
Network Ten: 08/04/1988
BBC: 17/07/1989
UK Gold: 07/07/1995

Scott believes that Ross isn't reliable. Ted and David, the guys that killed Daphne, get away with a fine at their trial. Everyone in Ramsay Street is disappointed about the court's verdict on Daphne's death. Mike decides to take the law into his own hands by going after the culprits.
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