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Neighbours Episode Guide: 701-725

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Episode 701
Network Ten: 11/04/1988
BBC: 18/07/1989
UK Gold: 10/07/1995

Mike confronts Summers, the man that killed Daphne, but doesn't hit him. Out of concern Sally and Jane go out to look for Mike. The police later visit Mike to tell him that Summers has been bashed. Harold and Madge starts writing invitations for their wedding.

Episode 702
Network Ten: 12/04/1988
BBC: 19/07/1989
UK Gold: 11/07/1995

Guest stars include
Tony Romeo: Nick Carrafa

Mike is charged with GBH and is confronted by Regan. Tony sends Jane a big bouquet of flowers hoping to get Jane to love him but exactly the opposite happens. A heated argument starts between the two of them and Jane humiliates Tony.

Episode 703
Network Ten: 13/04/1988
BBC: 20/07/1989
UK Gold: 12/07/1995

A funeral director turns up at Mr. Mangel's door and starts discussing funeral arrangements, not being aware that Mrs. Mangel thinks that he is the carpenter she is expecting. Des scares Regan away. Mrs. Mangel concludes that her visitor was sent by Todd.

Episode 704
Network Ten: 14/04/1988
BBC: 21/07/1989
UK Gold: 13/07/1995

Madge clears the air about the undertaker with Mrs. Mangel, who finds out that he was actually sent by Eileen. Mrs Mangel lets Todd off, but does not even think of apologising to him. Scott shows Paul and Henry the bribery money Ross sent him to deliver.

Episode 705
Network Ten: 15/04/1988
BBC: 24/07/1989
UK Gold: 14/07/1995

Guest stars include
Ross Warner: Tim Hughes

Scott tries to expose Ross to Jim, and Ross suggests that Scott should be fired. Tony goes back to Perth and Sally is now looking for a new flatmate, while Charlene is left in the lurch again. Henry offers to move in with Sally.

Episode 706
Network Ten: 18/04/1988
BBC: 25/07/1989
UK Gold: 17/07/1995

The engineering works are burnt down and arson is suspected. Mrs. Mangel discovers who 'Dear Georgette' is.

Episode 707
Network Ten: 19/04/1988
BBC: 26/07/1989
UK Gold: 18/07/1995

Lucy returns - as a punk! Rob Lewis turns up at Lassiter's surprising everyone with the announcement that he is getting remarried. Scott tells Jim about Ross' deals but Ross manages to argue himself out of the bribery accusations because Jeff, who is Scott's only witness, is too scared to testify.

Episode 708
Network Ten: 20/04/1988
BBC: 27/07/1989
UK Gold: 19/07/1995

Des brings Jim the factory's financial statement from the bank. Charlene and Scott break into Ross's car and they find his red diary with all the evidence about the money. Ross admits everything, including burning down the engineering works. Jim can't decide whether to go to the police or not.

Episode 709
Network Ten: 21/04/1988
BBC: 28/07/1989
UK Gold: 20/07/1995

Ross is arrested after Jim reports him to the police, and his wife becomes very abusive to Jim. The solicitor calls Mike in to tell him what awaits him, and Mike learns he could face time in jail. Mrs. Mangel takes over the 'Dear Georgette' column from Harold.

Episode 710
Network Ten: 22/04/1988
BBC: 31/07/1989
UK Gold: 21/07/1995

Mike takes off to escape prison. Henry designs a new kennel for Bouncer. Rob Lewis' fiancé arrives - Paul and Gail are speechless with shock after meeting Gail's prospective stepmother.

Episode 711
Network Ten: 25/04/1988
BBC: 01/08/1989
UK Gold: 24/07/1995

Gail takes an instant dislike to Gloria. Jane is in tears after Mike's disappearance, but just when Sally starts panicking Mike returns after deciding not to run away. Gloria realises that Gail doesn't like her and she warns her not to think of separating her from Rob Lewis.

Episode 712
Network Ten: 26/04/1988
BBC: 02/08/1989
UK Gold: 25/07/1995

Gloria and Rob move to Lassiter's. Jim is upset after having problems finding another job.

Episode 713
Network Ten: 27/04/1988
BBC: 03/08/1989
UK Gold: 26/07/1995

Guest stars include
Melanie Pearson: Lucinda Cowden

Sally's new flatmate arrives and she automatically takes Henry in as well. Jim is being difficult with everyone. Gail and Gloria make up, and Sally catches Melanie and Henry kissing.

Episode 714
Network Ten: 28/04/1988
BBC: 04/08/1989
UK Gold: 27/07/1995

Henry catches Summers in good health, and Mike goes to court. Instead of spending a quiet Sunday afternoon together, Madge and Harold end up with a house full of Henry's friends. Scott and Henry try to get as much evidence as they can to help Mike with his case and save him from going to prison.

Episode 715
Network Ten: 29/04/1988
BBC: 07/08/1989
UK Gold: 28/07/1995

It's Mike's hearing and everyone is really worried except for Henry and Scott who have just developed the photos of Summers that prove Mike's innocence. However Mike's lawyer isn't hopeful they'll be of any use.

Episode 716
Network Ten: 02/05/1988
BBC: 08/08/1989
UK Gold: 31/07/1995

Mike is found not guilty of GBH, but is found guilty of minor assault. Madge is up and about making preparations for her wedding, but she is disappointed that it is not going to be as big as her first one.

Episode 717
Network Ten: 03/05/1988
BBC: 09/08/1989
UK Gold: 01/08/1995

Mike is released on a good-behaviour bond, and Charlene plans a big wedding for Madge. Henry, Scott and Charlene confront Harold about the wedding - He puts his foot down, no one is going to talk to him about a big wedding. Sally never wanted to have a serious relationship but Henry and now that he is going out with Melanie she is jealous.

Episode 718
Network Ten: 04/05/1988
BBC: 10/08/1989
UK Gold: 02/08/1995

Jim is taking his business frustration out on everyone, especially Katie and Todd. Finally Madge is going to have the wedding of her dreams, thanks to Paul and Gail's generosity. They have offered the use of Lassiter's for the reception as her wedding present complete with catering. Todd overhears Jim saying that he doesn't want Todd and Katie there forever.

Episode 719
Network Ten: 05/05/1988
BBC: 11/08/1989
UK Gold: 03/08/1995

Paul sets up a job interview for Jim. Beverly tells Todd and Katie that they can stay forever. Rob lets the cat out of the bag, and Jim is very upset with Paul for arranging business interviews for him.

Episode 720
Network Ten: 06/05/1988
BBC: 14/08/1989
UK Gold: 04/08/1995

Helen and Rob try to explain to Jim that Paul meant well by arranging the business deal for him. Eileen leaks the information to Nel Mangel about the secret wedding meeting. Malcolm wins on a quiz show. Mrs. Mangel takes over the wedding preparations, much to everyone's annoyance.

Episode 721
Network Ten: 09/05/1988
BBC: 15/08/1989
UK Gold: 07/08/1995

Malcolm offers his prize to Des, but Des turns the offer of a ticket to Europe down. Mrs Mangel takes over the arrangements for Madge's wedding, but Paul blackmails her into giving up the wedding preparations.

Episode 722
Network Ten: 10/05/1988
BBC: 16/08/1989
UK Gold: 08/08/1995

Katie loses and then finds her guinea pigs. The fact that Harold and Madge are going to have a big wedding is still a secret, until Harold accidentally comes across the guest list. Mrs Mangel practices the wedding march very much out of tune.

Episode 723
Network Ten: 11/05/1988
BBC: 17/08/1989
UK Gold: 09/08/1995

Guest stars include
David Bishop: Kevin Harrington

Madge and Harold make it clear they only want a small wedding. The girls are have a lovely time on the eve of the wedding, while Harold has a 'wild' buck's party at which his son, David, turns up.

Episode 724
Network Ten: 12/05/1988
BBC: 18/08/1989
UK Gold: 10/08/1995

Written by Rick Maier
Directed by Steve Mann
Guest stars
Sally Wells: Rowena Mohr
David Bishop: Kevin Harrington
Reverend Sampson: Howard Bell
Bouncer: Himself

Finally the big day is here, Madge and Harold marry at last, with David Bishop as best man. During the reception, Des breaks down as the occasion causes him to recall his own wedding. Sally surprises everyone by catching Madge's bouquet.

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Scene from episode 724

Episode 725
Network Ten: 13/05/1988
BBC: 21/08/1989
UK Gold: 11/08/1995

Sally and Eileen go to Europe. Harold and Madge begin their honeymoon and they are over the moon. David is interested in Jane. Henry nearly bites David's head off for waking everyone up at 7am to clean up after the wedding.
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