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Neighbours Episode Guide: 726-750

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Episode 726
Network Ten: 16/05/1988
BBC: 22/08/1989
UK Gold: 14/08/1995

Guest stars include
David Bishop: Kevin Harrington

David goes over to Mike to explain his stand about Jane. He declares he loves Jane and vows to win her from Mike! Des admits that he is jealous about Mike and Jane's relationship.

Episode 727
Network Ten: 17/05/1988
BBC: 23/08/1989
UK Gold: 15/08/1995

David pursues Jane, much to Mrs. Mangel's delight. Madge and Harold are back from honeymoon and Harold just cannot keep his hands off Madge. Henry threatens to beat the daylight out of David for calling his mother names.

Episode 728
Network Ten: 18/05/1988
BBC: 24/08/1989
UK Gold: 16/08/1995

Jim's future hangs on a telephone call. David gives Mrs. Mangel a piece of his mind. After hearing David's side of the story, Harold confronts Mrs. Mangel about all the nasty things she has been saying about Madge. Henry and David make up.

Episode 729
Network Ten: 19/05/1988
BBC: 25/08/1989
UK Gold: 17/08/1995

Jim fails to get a job, and Jane says she doesn't fancy Tony. Des hires a nanny for Jamie. Mike is not very comfortable with her, but Des keeps assuring him that she is going to be fine and there is nothing to worry about.

Episode 730
Network Ten: 20/05/1988
BBC: 28/08/1989
UK Gold: 18/08/1995

Katie rides the bike Todd got for his birthday, but she knocks Helen over. Des sacks Carol.

Episode 731
Network Ten: 23/05/1988
BBC: 29/08/1989
UK Gold: 21/08/1995

Helen suffers a sprained ankle. Todd and his friends are banned from the coffee shop. Henry offers to leave home to give Madge and Harold some privacy now that they are married. Todd and Beverly are both in trouble with Jim, and for the first time Jim and Beverley have an argument.

Episode 732
Network Ten: 24/05/1988
BBC: 30/08/1989
UK Gold: 22/08/1995

Jim cools off. Henry and Madge give David a new 'cool dude' look!

Episode 733
Network Ten: 25/05/1988
BBC: 31/08/1989
UK Gold: 23/08/1995

Harold is shocked by his son's new look. Mrs. Mangel is lonely. David is rejected by Prue and is shattered when she tells him she doesn't want to see him again. Jane tells her Nan how upset she is about the way she interferes with people's affairs. Harold and Henry have a terrible argument. Mike takes his dog back, which leaves Mrs Mangel in tears.

Episode 734
Network Ten: 26/05/1988
BBC: 01/09/1989
UK Gold: 24/08/1995

David goes home. Harold forgives Mrs. Mangel - partly. Paul's old flame, Nina, turns up at Lassiters. She befriends Gail until she discovers that she is Paul's wife. Paul discovers that Amy, the little girl with Nina, happens to be his daughter who he knew nothing about.

Episode 735
Network Ten: 27/05/1988
BBC: 04/09/1989
UK Gold: 25/08/1995

Paul tells Gail that he has a child. Mrs. Mangel and Madge 'make up'.

Episode 736
Network Ten: 30/05/1988
BBC: 05/09/1989
UK Gold: 28/08/1995

Gail is still upset about Amy so she decides to confide in Jane. Paul confronts Nina Williams about his daughter and she tells him to keep away from the child. Jim becomes an apprentice mechanic. Helen moves back to the Robinson house.

Episode 737
Network Ten: 31/05/1988
BBC: 06/09/1989
UK Gold: 29/08/1995

Paul makes a deal with Nina. Des comes up with a plan to make Bouncer choose a master.

Episode 738
Network Ten: 01/06/1988
BBC: 07/09/1989
UK Gold: 30/08/1995

Bouncer chooses Mrs. Mangel so Mike hands Bouncer over to her. Madge and Harold disagree about money matters. Scott and Charlene are back from Brisbane, and Scott accuses Charlene of having an affair.

Episode 739
Network Ten: 02/06/1988
BBC: 08/09/1989
UK Gold: 31/08/1995

Charlene's 'lover' turns up and offers her driving lessons. Harold invites Mrs. Mangel over for dinner - much to Madge's disgust! Charlene throws a tantrum when Harold tries to find out what the problem is between her and Scott.

Episode 740
Network Ten: 03/06/1988
BBC: 11/09/1989
UK Gold: 01/09/1995

Charlene's flirting with Steve begins to annoy everyone, and Scott is rude to him. Paul and Gail receive a letter from the IVF programme, saying she has been accepted they can start immediately, but she is worried about how Paul will react now that he has Amy. Another fight starts, and Paul is no longer interested.

Episode 741
Network Ten: 06/06/1988
BBC: 12/09/1989
UK Gold: 04/09/1995

Paul assures Gail that he still wants a baby, and he surprises her with a special dinner. Des plans to set up a dark room as a present for Mike's birthday.

Episode 742
Network Ten: 07/06/1988
BBC: 13/09/1989
UK Gold: 05/09/1995

Helen accuses Mrs. Mangel of being lonely. Charlene passes her driving test - and then passionately kisses Steve. Paul surprises Gail with a party, and they even discuss baby names. Trying to make Helen a cup of tea, Katy breaks a cup.

Episode 743
Network Ten: 08/06/1988
BBC: 14/09/1989
UK Gold: 06/09/1995

Charlene is angry with Steve, while Rob is worried about Gail wanting to find her real parents. Scott is offered a cadetship. Mrs. Mangel is in love, but the man she is involved with happens to be her dentist. Just after applying her facemask on, her new boyfriend shows up.

Episode 744
Network Ten: 09/06/1988
BBC: 15/09/1989
UK Gold: 07/09/1995

Guest stars include
John Worthington: Brian James

Mrs. Mangel pretends to be her own sister, Belle! Todd and Katie's mother has a nervous breakdown. Mrs. Mangel is too embarrassed to admit to John that she is the one in the facemask. Madge decides to invite John over for dinner. Out of courtesy John does not tell Madge that he is aware that Nel was lying.

Episode 745
Network Ten: 10/06/1988
BBC: 18/09/1989
UK Gold: 08/09/1995

Todd and Beverly go to Perth. Henry organises a scavenger hunt to raise funds for Peter's scholarship. Jane receives an electric shock.

Episode 746
Network Ten: 13/06/1988
BBC: 19/09/1989
UK Gold: 11/09/1995

Jane is OK and goes over to Des to apologise about her grandma's behaviour, and to thank Des for taking her to the hospital. Much to her horror, Charlene has nightmares about Steve.

Episode 747
Network Ten: 14/06/1988
BBC: 20/09/1989
UK Gold: 12/09/1995

Scott hears Madge and Harold talking about Steve Fisher. Todd arrives back from visiting his parents in Perth and pours his heart out to Jim. Jim tries to explain Todd's father's frustrations. Katie is excited to see her brother is back.

Episode 748
Network Ten: 15/06/1988
BBC: 21/09/1989
UK Gold: 13/09/1995

Harold is still upset that Madge lied to Scott about Charlene. The scavenger hunt is on and the whole of Ramsay Street is abuzz with excitement. Nel Mangel responds to John's letter in her own favour. Helen and Katie win the scavenger hunt, while Henry wins the wooden spoon!

Episode 749
Network Ten: 16/06/1988
BBC: 22/09/1989
UK Gold: 14/09/1995

Mrs. Mangel's gnome loses its head! Mike tries to extract a commitment from Jane, but she tells him that she is no longer interested in him. She now has feelings for Des. Mike is disappointed when she suggests that they should stop seeing each other.

Episode 750
Network Ten: 17/06/1988
BBC: 25/09/1989
UK Gold: 15/09/1995

Guest stars include
John Worthington: Brian James

Mike and Jane split up. Gail finds her real father, but Rob is displeased. Scott confronts Jane about breaking up with Mike. Mrs. Mangel is enchanted by John Worthington who invites her out for dinner and dance.
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