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Neighbours Episode Guide: 851-875

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Episode 851
Network Ten: 07/11/1988
BBC: 15/02/1990
UK Gold: 05/02/1996

Bronwyn and Henry admit the strength of their mutual attraction, and Des is startled to meet his father's girlfriend. Jane produces Joe's receipts.

Episode 852
Network Ten: 08/11/1988
BBC: 16/02/1990
UK Gold: 06/02/1996

Todd gets deeper into trouble with Skinner, and Mike surprises his friends with an unexpected decision. Harold apologises to Joe. Nick spots Todd, who is planning a burglary with Skinner. Beverly becomes worried about Helen's health.

Episode 853
Network Ten: 09/11/1988
BBC: 19/02/1990
UK Gold: 07/02/1996

Malcolm hurts his knee. Todd and Skinner go to rob a factory, but Nick follows them and is caught.

Episode 854
Network Ten: 10/11/1988
BBC: 20/02/1990
UK Gold: 08/02/1996

Joe's past catches up with him, while the search for Todd leaves Nick in jail and Helen in hospital with a suspected stroke. Todd gives himself up, and Nick is released with a caution.

Episode 855
Network Ten: 11/11/1988
BBC: 21/02/1990
UK Gold: 09/02/1996

Helen's condition takes a turn for the worse when she lapses into a coma, and Henry is trapped with nowhere to run as Aunt Edie focuses her attentions on him. Toby is upset when Joe accuses him of being a wimp. Todd blames himself for Helen's condition.

Episode 856
Network Ten: 14/11/1988
BBC: 22/02/1990
UK Gold: 12/02/1996

Written by John Upton
Directed by Kendal Flanagan
Guest stars
Edith Chubb: Irene Inescort
Tony Mangel: Finn Keane
Ms. Petris: Gabriella Clark
Bouncer: Luke's Canine Actors

Joe hits Toby after finding out his son skived his first day at his new school, and attempts to toughen up his son's masculine instincts. Henry finds himself getting back to nature when Aunt Edie returns and he has to run home naked!

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Episode 857
Network Ten: 15/11/1988
BBC: 23/02/1990
UK Gold: 13/02/1996

Jane's relationship with Toby blossoms, while Harold finds himself drifting into another woman's grip. Skinner holds Katie hostage while Todd robs Paul and Gail's, but Gail catches Todd in the act.

Episode 858
Network Ten: 16/11/1988
BBC: 26/02/1990
UK Gold: 14/02/1996

Skinner is arrested after Nick catches him, and Jim returns home from America. Leanne seduces Des but is caught by Malcolm. Leanne then accuses Des of coming onto her.

Episode 859
Network Ten: 17/11/1988
BBC: 27/02/1990
UK Gold: 15/02/1996

Henry attempts to pay Bronwyn a nocturnal visit - but what will Aunt Edie say if she finds out? Des tells Leanne the truth about Malcolm and Malcolm the truth about Leanne. Edie catches Henry under the table at No. 30 in the middle of the night!

Episode 860
Network Ten: 18/11/1988
BBC: 28/02/1990
UK Gold: 16/02/1996

Jim is shocked to discover the cost of Beverley's hospital treatment, and Bronwyn tries to avoid her aunt. Jim shows Beverly a statuette he obtained, and Beverly says she knows of another identical one, which would make the pair worth $80,000. Bronwyn moves in with the Ramsays when Edie throws her out of the house.

Episode 861
Network Ten: 21/11/1988
BBC: 01/03/1990
UK Gold: 19/02/1996

Hilary's attempts to sell her statue run into trouble as her visit gets off to a problematical start. Harold throws Bronwyn out, so she moves in with the Clarkes. Hilary refuses to sell the second statuette to Beverly and Jim.

Episode 862
Network Ten: 22/11/1988
BBC: 02/03/1990
UK Gold: 20/02/1996

Hilary remains obstinate because of her thirty year grudge against Jim, and Jane receives a gift. Nick discovers Sharon's new job is as an artist's model - posing nude…

Episode 863
Network Ten: 23/11/1988
BBC: 05/03/1990
UK Gold: 21/02/1996

Nick tells Sharon to choose between her work as a model and him, and American millionaire Mark Granger sweeps Jane off her feet. Nick and Sharon split up over Sharon's job.

Episode 864
Network Ten: 24/11/1988
BBC: 06/03/1990
UK Gold: 22/02/1996

Malcolm hurts his knee and tells Des to go on the quiz show in his place, while Jane is overwhelmed but begins to have doubts about her new admirer.

Episode 865
Network Ten: 25/11/1988
BBC: 07/03/1990
UK Gold: 23/02/1996

Ramsay Street hosts a mini-grand prix, and Des makes his television debut. Des doesn't win the quiz, but he does get a holiday for Malcolm. Des asks Edie to run the coffee shop. Katie and Toby are playing with their billy cart, but it starts heading straight towards Edie…

Episode 866
Network Ten: 28/11/1988
BBC: 08/03/1990
UK Gold: 26/02/1996

Toby's cart crashes and breaks, and defects are found in the coffee shop. Katie and Toby hold a garage sale and sell Hilary's statuette to Joe - for $5! Joe finds himself in possession of a priceless antique without even realising it.

Episode 867
Network Ten: 29/11/1988
BBC: 09/03/1990
UK Gold: 27/02/1996

Henry hears disturbing news about Bronwyn, while Joe and Hilary battle for possession of the figurine after discovering its true value. Joe eventually gives Hilary her statuette back. He also argues with Toby, who runs away but gets stuck in a trunk. The coffee shop reopens.

Episode 868
Network Ten: 30/11/1988
BBC: 12/03/1990
UK Gold: 28/02/1996

Gail's stepmother makes a disturbing announcement about her relationship with Rob, and Madge becomes concerned about Harold's masseuse. Bouncer eventually finds Toby, and Paul returns from America. Henry tries to find out about Bronwyn's past, but fails.

Episode 869
Network Ten: 01/12/1988
BBC: 13/03/1990
UK Gold: 29/02/1996

Bronwyn's hidden past is revealed by Sharon, striking sparks which threaten to ignite Henry's temper. Lucy meets Nick and falls in love, and Paul announces that he's buying the Australian end of the Daniels Corporation.

Episode 870
Network Ten: 02/12/1988
BBC: 14/03/1990
UK Gold: 01/03/1996

Katie chastises Hilary into handing over the statuette. Gail is opposed to Paul's plans. Jane hears stunning news about Mark Granger when Lassiters receives a call from Mrs. Mark Granger in America…

Episode 871
Network Ten: 05/12/1988
BBC: 15/03/1990
UK Gold: 04/03/1996

Bronwyn takes a dim view of Henry's activities, and Gail is still against Paul's plans. Mrs. Granger turns out to be Mark's mother.

Episode 872
Network Ten: 06/12/1988
BBC: 16/03/1990
UK Gold: 05/03/1996

Nick thinks of a way to help Helen recover from her ordeal. Rob and Gloria decide to give their relationship another try, while Edie and Harold came into conflict in the coffee shop. Sharon pushes Lucy into the swimming pool after spotting her eyeing-up Nick.

Episode 873
Network Ten: 07/12/1988
BBC: 19/03/1990
UK Gold: 06/03/1996

Joe makes himself another enemy, and Nick tells Lucy that he isn't interested. Helen's arousal therapy begins. Katie hits Toby because he won't kiss her!

Episode 874
Network Ten: 08/12/1988
BBC: 20/03/1990
UK Gold: 07/03/1996

Toby takes boxing lessons, which prove a painful experience for Joe. Todd makes a tape of the residents of Ramsay Street and plays it to Helen, who wakes up. Toby eats garlic before finally kissing Katie!

Episode 875
Network Ten: 09/12/1988
BBC: 21/03/1990
UK Gold: 08/03/1996

Mark makes Jane a life-changing offer. A misunderstanding causes Bronwyn to think Henry is dying, when it's really a tree that's sick. Everyone rejoices over Helen's awakening.
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