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Neighbours - Episode 3304

Transmisson dates
Network Ten: 13/05/1999
BBC: 27/07/1999
UK Gold: 11/01/2005

Written by Helen Macwhirter
Directed by Gary Conway

Ruth is reeling from Lance's gambling admission and is angry to hear almost everyone else know about the problem except for her. A misunderstanding after Tad catches Paul & Hannah kissing, leads Hannah to belive this kiss meant nothing. Bess sets Sarah up with an aid worker she knows. Sarah is expecting one of Bess' typically hippy friends and is not keen, but is pleasantly surprised when the dashing Doctor Peter Hannay walks into the room. There's trouble in paradise for Joel and Geri when Geri starts to move her things into No. 30.

Guest stars
Tad Reeves: Jonathon Dutton
Geri Hallet: Isabella Dunwill
Peter Hannay: Nick Carrafa

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